Boxed $35 Off $100, 20% Off Promo Codes, Refer a Friend, Combine Discounts ~50% Off

Updated on May 9, 2017 logo has a couple of promotions that can be stacked for some good savings up to almost 50% off a $125 purchase. American Express cardmembers may find a $35 off $100 offer in their account (it's in my SPG Biz Amex but not on my Platinum Mercedes card). New users can use the refer a friend promotion for $15 off $60. When stacking the Amex + Refer a friend offers, you will pay $65 for a $115 purchase (44% off, math: $115 – $15 = $100 – $35 = $65). Or remove the refer a friend discount and use the 20% promo code and save more: $65 for a $125 purchase (almost 50% off, math: $125 – 20% = $100 – $35 = $65). Only 1 promo code can be used at a time.

What is Its like Amazon, Costco, or but bulk purchases…and less selection. They carry mostly big national brands so if you like those niche smaller brands, you are out of luck. For example, search Jelly and there is one option. Can you guess which one? Welch's grape jelly. They do accept suggestions via email for new products…lets set if it works. Lastly, save up to 6% extra with a cashback site like TopCashBack, BeFrugal, or GivingAssistant.

UPDATE: When I used my Amex card, I was also given access to the “Boxed Bold” for 6 months. The membership gives me free shipping and 3% rewards. The free shipping “on eligible orders” doesn't really matter so much since they already seem to give that.

How To Sign Up – Stack Promo Codes

  1. New Users -> Refer a Friend – $15 off first order of $60 + free shipping
  2. Then use TopCashBack, BeFrugal, or GivingAssistant to get up to 6% cashback
  3. Then use a promo code (can't be combined with #1): DOWNTOWN – 20% off + Free Shipping [Expired]
  4. Or BOXED – 15% off + Free Shipping
  5. American Express $35 off $100 (you must activate it in your Amex account BEFORE you purchase)

Boxed $35 off $100 - American Express

What to Buy

Not sure what to get with the limited selection? Here's what I found so far: $100 of gift cards for $91.99

Refer a Friend – Referral Program

Refer a friend to and both your gets $15 off the first order of $60 and you get $15 credit. My referral link is here – many thanks if you use it! There is a limit of 2 referrals per household so look below for more referral links.

Post your Referral Link

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