10 Free Rides: More Cities – Lyft Miami, Brooklyn, Atlanta, San Diego *Expired

Updated on February 19, 2016

Lyft Logo 20 Free Rides Philadelphia
Lyft rolls out 10 Free Rides Promo in More Cities:

Miami, Brooklyn, Atlanta, San Diego, Dallas/Fort Worth Added – bringing the total to 11 cities!

After recently rolling out 10 Free Rides in many major cities, Lyft surprisingly continues to expand the ten free ride promotion to more and more cities.  It's really 11 free rides because you will get a separate $20 credit that expires about a month later. This is a limited time promotion for new users.  These generous promotions make UBER's temporary bump to $30 now $20 sign up bonus seem paltry!  This is $200 free Lyft rides in most of the cities and up to $400 $200 in Philly! There are probably more cities coming.  It looks like Lyft may be getting a lot more money to fuel their grow – $250 million according to the NY Times.  Stay tuned…


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City Offer Promo Code Link
Miami 10 Free Rides $20 Each STAYSAFE Link
San Diego
Dallas/Fort Worth
Silicon Valley

*3/22/15: New York City & other cities now appear to be offering 3 free rides $5 each now (not 10 rides!).
*3/5/15: The 10 free rides appears to be over in most cities (NYC still works as of 3/4/15).
*2/27/15: New York City still works and is now 5 Free Rides up to $20 each. Lyft tweeted the same on 3/4/15. Screen shots below.
*2/25/15: This promo may have ended in some cities. Please email me if it works/doesn't work in your city and I will update.
*2/12/15: Added San Diego [Hat tip to cplay]
*2/16/15: Added Dallas/Fort Worth [Hat tip to Michael]
*2/19/15: Confirmed New York City users now getting 10 Free Rides $20 each (instead of $5).  All of NYC now gets 10 Free (including Brooklyn & Queens)
*2/21/15: Added Austin, Nashville, Seattle, Silicon Valley.  Los Angeles and San Francisco may get 10 Free Rides $5 each but I have not yet confirmed this.



City Offer Promo Code Link
Denver 10 Free Rides $20 Each STAYSAFE Link
Washington DC
New York City 3 Free Rides $5 Each + $20 Credit
Philadelphia 20 10 Free Rides $20 Each + $20 Credit

*2/27/15: New York City updated to 5 free rides
*3/2/15: Chicago has been reported as down to just 1 free ride.
*3/5/15: Philadelphia has been reported as down to just 1 free ride.
*3/12/15: New York City updated to 5 free rides up to $15 each.

**This may work in some other cities.  Please keep the emails and screen shots coming.

Note: Ignore the “$20 offer” that pops up after you click the link.  Lyft doesn't display their pioneer offers on the links unfortunately.  You should also get a $20 credit in addition to the free rides but I have heard reports that not everyone is getting it (see screen shot below where the nyc new user got the 10 free rides but not an extra $20 credit).


  1. Use the links above to sign up.
  2. Download the mobile app (do it when you are in the city listed above to make sure it works!)
  3. Sign up then click in the settings –> payment –> scroll to the bottom below your credit card info.  You should see your free rides in the app.  If not, go to the Payment screen and enter the promo / coupon code before requesting your first Lyft!  I will receive referral credit if you use my links.  Many thanks in advance if you do!


Expiration Dates?  This offer will likely only last a couple weeks and may be pulled sooner.  If you signed up on Feb 4, 2015 in New York City, you have until March 5th to use up your rides (see screen shot below).  Usually the offers give you 2 weeks to use the rides, but this time new users in New York City will have over 1 month!  I'll need to wait for some from the other cities to confirm.


You should receive a text from LYFT confirming the details.  Here's the confirmation from a new user in New York City, Brooklyn, and Atlanta (if you have the screen shot for one of the other cities please shoot me a message).  Thanks for the screen shots!

New York City is now offering 5 Free Rides up to $5 each (as of 3/22/15)

Lyft NYC 3-22-15

New York City bonus is down to 5 Free Rides up to $15 each (as of 3/12/15)

Lyft 5 Free Rides New York City

New York City Offer Tweeted By Lyft on 3/4/15

Lyft NYC 5 Free Rides up to $20

New York City (down to 5 Free Rides as of 2/27/15)

5 Free Rides New York City Lyft

5 Free Rides New York City (as of 2/27/15)


10 Free Rides Brooklyn Lyft

10 Free Rides Brooklyn


New York City (now up to $20 each instead of the initial $5)

10 Free Rides Lyft New York City

10 Free Rides in NYC still going strong. This user signed up 2/21/15


NYC 10 Free Rides $20

New York City – Now giving 10 Free Rides up to $20 each! (instead of $5)


10 Free Rides NYC New York City- Lyft

10 Free Rides NYC (at first it was only $5 each ride – see screen shot above confirming $20 each)

San Diego

10 Free Lyfts Pioneer San Diego

10 Free Rides San Diego


10 free rides Lyft Atlanta

10 Free Rides – Atlanta

 Dallas / Fort Worth

Lyft 10 Free Rides Dallas

If your credits do not show up, enter the promo coupon code here:

Lyft Credits free rides

This is where you enter the code


Yes, give your code to your friends and you both will get Lyft credit.  This link explains the details.

Lyft Free Ride banner - 10 free rides


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    • You’re welcome! Would you mind sending a screen shot of your free rides (unless you are in NYC or Brooklyn which I have already)?

  1. I got the text randomly without using any of these links or having the app downloaded but I wanted to wait until the beginning of next month to use the code do you think if I don’t use the credit I can use the promo code again in March?

    • @Sheila, which city are you in and what did the text say? If the credits are already in your account they also should have an expiration date. I don’t think you’ll be able to use a promo code again because its for new users only.

    • I heard from others that it is working in Atlanta (with a screen shot in the post). Did you get any error messages? I reached out to Lyft to double check and they said the promotion would be automatically applied to your account, if you qualify.

  2. The 10 rides in Chicago went down to 5 this weekend, and as of today the promo is completely over with.

    • Sarah, Thank you for the update. If you don’t mind, please send a screen shot of your free rides screen (I sent you an email).

  3. Every time I go to input a promo code to use one of these offers.. It refuses to work..
    Im. A new customer snd I haven’t even rode one or even added payment.. First step I went for was the credit..

    Every single time.. Even after I made another new account, it’s saying that ‘this promo code is for new users only’ HELP! WHY is it doing this…. Grrrr.. I’ve tried emailing Lyft too. Of course, I’ve gotten no where either with this…

    • I believe if you make a new account using the same phone, they can track that you had an account before. Best way to check would be a new phone, new #, new credit card, new email. Yes, it can be very difficult to get in touch with Lyft. Did you download the app from the app store and input the promo code or use the link to sign up first then download the app? If you use the link to sign up, the promo code should automatically be on your new account.

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