Lyft Customer Service Phone Number + How To Contact Lyft When I Have a Question

Lyft Phone Number Lyft Customer Service


Lyft Customer Service

Sometimes its seems difficult to contact Lyft when you need them. There are quite a few ways to get in touch with Lyft customer service. The best way for most people to reach Lyft is by sending an email through Lyft's website or via Twitter for quick questions. If it is critical, see the Critical Response info below. I usually get a response the same day via email. Below is all the ways to get your questions answered.

Lyft Phone Number – Critical Response Team

For emergencies, call 911 first!

For urgent driver or passenger safety issues including accidents or citations,call 855-865-9553 or Lyft can call you back using the button below. Most other issues can be handled using one of the below options. Unfortunately, there is no Lyft Customer Service phone number but they are usually pretty good about responding using one of the following methods. NOTE: This is NOT for billing problems, complaints, etc, you wont get help with those non-urgent questions and will be told to use one of the other methods here. I often wish I could get them on the phone but this is not the way.

Urgent issues – call 855-865-9553 or click the button below to get a call back

Lyft Call Me Report Accident

Lyft Frequently Asked Questions

Check Lyft's FAQ page, where you will probably find answers to most of your questions.

Social Media – Ask Questions on Twitter and Facebook

  • Twitter – Send a message to @AskLyft every day 5am-9pm pacific time
  • Facebook – Get support and chat with other customers on Lyft's official facebook page

Twitter Iconfacebook icon



Contact Support (Lyft Email Support)

Support requests should be sent via their website. You will receive an email confirmation with a copy of your request. Once they reply, you'll be able to email back and forth with Go through the website first otherwise your email will get bounced back with a message to use the website. In the past, they allowed incoming emails to but they have since changed that.

Contact Lyft Support

Lost and Found

Ever have something slip out of your pocket? Yep. Me too! You can get in touch with the driver by

  1. In the Lyft App, click RIDE HISTORY, find the ride then click FIND LOST ITEM or
  2. Find the email receipt and click FIND LOST ITEM. The driver will get a text message and can get in touch with you.

Screen shots and full details can be found on Lyft's website.


Free Ride Credit

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  1. My name is Daphne Clay and on xx/xx/xxxx I had my first lyft ride and was told it would be a free ride and I was charged over $17 today I don’t think that’s good business when a lot of my co- worker’s told me thier first ride was free, I got a ride to my job’s x-mas party and was shocked to see i was charged leaving a nasty taste in my mouth, I would like my money put back on my account and to speak with a supervisors regarding this experience, my number is xxxxxxxxx I can be reached before noon Monday through Friday and anytime Saturday and Sunday. Thank you

    • Hello
      Leaving a comment here will not get you in touch with Lyft – please see above on how to get in touch with them.
      I think you may have forgotten to enter the promocode. Press the top left button on the app then Payments then enter FIFTYGO in the “Add Credit/Gift Code” and see you get your credit.

    • Lyft does not read the comments section of my blog. Please contact them directly. Instructions are above on how to contact them.

  2. As per my experience, Lyft Facebook page is the best way to contact them when having issues. They respond promptly to private messages but wall posts and comments get swift attention. As for sending an email through their website, it is important to be as precise and brief as you can because chances are, you will just get a canned response when you write a very long description of your concern. Thanks, I had a good read. Keep on sharing useful posts like this one.

  3. To Whom It May Concern:
    I am the GM for 3 Midas Auto Service Centers in Renton, West Seattle, and Kent, WA. I have been doing vehicle inspections for Lyft just like we do for Uber. I had a customer come back and tell us he was refused because we were not an accredited auto repair on your list. This does not make sense when other franchised Midas owners are in the north end. How do we get accredited otherwise?

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