Webull – Free Stock With $100 Deposit, Refer 3 Friends Get 9 Stocks

Updated on December 14, 2023

Update 5/14/20 – Promotion is now back to 2 free stocks instead of 1 free stock.

Want a free stock? Webull, a zero commission brokerage, is giving away 1 free stock worth $2.50-$250 and another 1 stock worth $12-$1400. Just open a new account, deposit min $100 then you'll get the stock. No need to even place any trades. Some friends recently convinced me to sign up even though I don't need another brokerage account so I can get a free stock worth. I saw some other nice deposit offers including up to 35 free stocks.

The refer a friend bonus gets you 9 free stocks for referring 3 friends (normally its 2 stocks per friend), worth $12-$1400 each. I'm still waiting for my deposit bonus, I'll post an update when I get it in a few days. I'll sign up a couple people in my family and hope someone gets lucky. It might only be a $12 stock but it's quick and easy to sign up so let's see what happens.

How To Get The Webull FREE STOCK Bonus

  1. Create a new Webull Brokerage account (my referral link).
  2. After you get approved, you can claim 1 free stock worth $2.50 to $250 (you'll get a message to claim the stock)
  3. Make a first deposit of $100+ then claim another free stock (you'll get a message to claim the stock) worth $12-$1400. You have to click it, the stock won't automatically get added unless you click it.
  4. Valid until 5/14/2020-5/30/2020

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Which Stock Will You Get?

For the 2nd, more valuable stock, most people will get a stock in the $12-$30 price range, but maybe, just maybe you'll get lucky! The company will have a minimum market cap of $2.5 billion, from a US-based company, listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ. Here are the odds:

  • $12-$30 price/share range: 1:1.02 (you'll most likely get this)
  • $30-$100 price/share range: 1:52.63
  • $100-200 price/share range 1:1111.11 (don't expect this!)
  • $1000-$1400 price/share range: 1:10000 (you're just as likely to get injured by a toilet this year)

Let me know which stock you get – good luck!

Summary Webull

You get 2 free stocks, worth minimum $14.50 (one $2.50-$250 and another one $12-1400) for putting $100 in a new brokerage account. Not bad for a few minutes of time. Double or triple up by getting your wife, husband, sister, brother, friends to sign up and then everyone gets in on this. Hoping I get targeted for an additional deposit bonus later on. I'm hanging on to cash so I wouldn't mind moving it around to earn something from it! Feel free to post your link in the comments below.


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