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If you are looking to buy GOOD vitamins and supplements, there are a couple places to go.  By “GOOD”, I mean brands like Pure Encapsulations and Thorne Research, not the stuff you buy at a supermarket or pharmacy.  Even Whole Foods doesnt carry these brands — I'm not sure why — they are usually available only in smaller health stores of vitamin shops.  Are these worth it?  I think so — you get better and more potent ingredients and are made with no junk, but you can research that part yourself.  If you have to pay retail, they might still be worth it but who wants to pay retail?  Not me.

Here are the places buy from.

1) – the prices here are pretty good already

  • Use coupon code NEXT10 to get 10% off
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • 8% Cashback if you click on first

2) – (updated 4/21/13) all the prices here are MSRP, but with the 25% or 15% off code its a good deal.  Previously the 25% off worked for all products but they added the 15% off and it looks like each code works for certain brands only:

  • Use coupon code CLIENT25 to get 25% off of the following brands

    • DaVinci Laboratories
    • Designs for Health
    • Douglas Laboratories
    • Innate Response Formulas
    • Integrative Therapeutics
    • Karuna
    • Klean Athlete
    • Metabolic Maintenance
    • PhysioLogics
    • Protocol For Life Balance
    • Pure Encapsulations
    • Sedona Labs Pro
    • Vital Nutrients
  • Use coupon code CLIENT15 to get 15% off of the following brands
    • Kirkman
    • Metagenics
    • Progressive Laboratories
    • Thorne Research
    • Pharmax
  • Both coupon codes can be applied to the same order and you have to be logged in to use them (guest login won't work)
  • Free shipping on all orders

3) – They often have what I'm looking for…the prices are sometimes the best sometimes not.

  • For example, I recently ordered Tanalbit 120 count Veg Caps by Intensive Nutrition.
  • Amazon has it for about $38.
  • Pureformulas had it for $31 and free shipping.  $31 -10% coupon = $27.90 – 8% cashback = $25.67.  This is about 32% cheaper than Amazon.

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