Via offers VIAPASS – Unlimited Rides in New York City

Updated on November 29, 2019

ViaPass Unlimited Via Rides

Via introduces VIAPASS – Unlimited Rides in New York City

Via is trying out something new called VIAPASS which gives you unlimited rides in New York City for either 7 or 30 days. Given that rides are only $5 each ($5.95 on weekends), this will only be worth it if you take at least 2 rides per day, every single day, including weekends! There are a limited quantity of ViaPasses, though I'm not sure how popular this will be. Considering it costs more than double an unlimited monthly subway pass, I think the price will need to drop a bit to catch on.

Also, new users get $10 free ride credit with promo code: JEFFREY5T8


  • 7-day unlimited ViaPass = $69
  • 30-day unlimited ViaPass = $255
  • Compare vs 30-day Unlimited MetroCard = $116.50 (ViaPass is almost 2.2x the cost)


Regular Via (Per per ride) is probably better for most people who work 5 days per week.

With the 7 day pass, you'll be paying $9.85 per day for 7 days. If you only use it to and from work on weekdays, you are paying $13.80 per day, which is more expensive than just paying the regular $5 per ride fare.

With the 30 day pass, you are paying $8.50 per day for 30 days. Similar to above, if you only go to and from work on weekdays, you pay $12.75 per day. Again, you are better off just paying per ride.

So who is this targeting? Maybe Doordash,, TryCaviar, messengers and other restaurant delivery people who might use 10-20+ via's per day? Maybe Via will combine food delivery and you can get your food while getting a ride.


  1. New Users – Get $10 credit when you sign up with promo code JEFFREY5T8. Download the free app: App Store or Google Play. Enter it here on the app: click MENU –> PROMO CODES.
  2. Add a commuter card. Click MENU -> BILLING
  3. Buy ViaPass: Click MENU -> RIDE CREDIT and choose either the 7 day or 30 day pass. **If you do not see the ViaPass option, UPDATE YOUR APP

Here are the options you should see:

ViaPass Unlimited Rides


  • The ViaPass is activated when you take your first ride.
  • Just like an Unlimited MetroCard, the ViaPass is designed for you – additional passengers are extra. But because you’re a superstar, +1s are just $2 each when you have a valid ViaPass.
  • The ViaPass is only valid for rides within Manhattan. If you’re traveling to JFK, LaGuardia, Chicago, DC, or South Orange County, you’ll need to buy extra Ride Credit.
  • We’ll still need to charge you the standard $3 for canceling more than 1 minute after booking and for missing your pickup, since these are never cool, even with a ViaPass.
  • There is a limited number of ViaPasses available for purchase this summer. Act quickly if you want one.


Via says they require you to use one of the following commuter cards to pay for ViaPass, though I did see the option available for friends who did not add a commuter card.

  • WageWorks Commuter Card
  • TransitChek Visa Card
  • Commuter Check MasterCard
  • Beniversal MasterCard
  • eTRAC MasterCard
  • Benefit Strategies Visa Card



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  1. I was promised someone would contact me. Your system will not accept my password of several years. Please contact.

  2. “With the 7 day pass, you’ll be paying $9.85 per day for 7 days. If you only use it to and from work on weekdays, you are paying $13.80 per day, which is more expensive than just paying the regular $5 per ride fare.”

    This paragraph makes no sense. How do you calculate the 13.80$ for just two rides a day when the truth is it costs less than 10$ a day for the 7-day pass?

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