VIA Expands $5 Rides: 14th to 110th St + $1k Driver Bonus

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Via (, a ridesharing service in New York City, offers $5 rides from 14th street all the way up to 110th street (previous as low as 32nd St).  See my previous post about Via here. This expanded coverage area ads a large area for new yorkers though I'm looking forward to when they expand further downtown.

They are also offering up to a $1,000 bonus for new TLC licensed drivers.  See below for more details.


  1. Download the free app: Apple's App Store or Google Play
  2. When you are signing up, enter promotion code  JEFFREY5T8. You can add it after you install the app too:  just click MENU –> PROMO CODES.  Many thanks if you use my code!
  3. Request your first ride.



Via is offering a bonus up to $1000 for TLC licensed drivers in New York City. Here is a list of acceptable vehicles – they are very specific.  For example, they only accept particular vehicles 2010 or later, specific colors (black, dark grey or dark blue) and leather seats are required.

The bonus works like this: $100 if you drive 3 peak (rush) hours, plus $400 if you drive 35 peak (rush) hours over the first 2 weeks, plus $500 if you drive 60 hours a week for the first 4 weeks (4 consecutive weeks).

  1. To apply visit and click “Apply Now”.
  2. For the question “How did you hear about Via?” select JEFF200 in the dropdown to qualify for the bonus.
  3. Complete the rest of the application.


The new coverage area goes down to 14th Street (previously 32nd St) up to 110th street.  $5 to go anywhere in this entire area is a great deal! I need them to go further south to be useful for me, but if the weather is nice, I don't mind using Citibike to get me to 14th St.

Via expanded $5 rides


This is a benefit that competitors don't offer: Via lets you pay for your rides with pre-tax dollars using your company's commuter benefits.  I use Commuter Check to pay for my subway fares so I could also use it to pay for Via rides.  If you can pay with pre-tax dollars at work, you can save some extra money.  They accept WageWorks, TransitChek, Commuter Check, Beniversal, and eTRAC.


Who ever refers the most friends now through April 26 will win $50 Ride Credit (worth 10 rides). The next two runners up with each get a consolation prize of $10. To refer a friend, just follow the above sign up instructions but give your referral code instead.


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