US Airways 100% Bonus On Shared Miles 1 week only [expires April 13]

Updated on December 14, 2023


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US Airways Share Miles 100 percent bonus - April 7-13 2014

UPDATE – US Airways just raised some of their award prices.  Read this first before you sign up for this.

US Airways is giving you a 100% bonus if you share 30k to 50k miles.  The total fee you pay will be $567.50, so you are paying 1.13 cents per mile if you do it this week.

Is it worth it?

I prefer to get my miles free, but sometimes buying them at a discount is worth it, especially if you have a plan to use it.  US Airways has been running this same promotion a few times (Oct 2013, Dec 2014 (see my post), and now again April 2014) – I have no idea when the next time will be but at some point US Airways miles program will merge with AA's and you won't be able to book using the US Airways rewards chart.   But if they keep this up, every few months you might be able to add another 50k miles to your account.  The US Airways award chart offers some amazing values – see below.

There is another way to add some miles for FREE – which is signing up for US Airways credit card.  There are currently two offers available.  The better offer is 1)  40,000 miles + $89 annual fee [expired] (I do not get an commission for this)  and a worse offer which I do get a commission 2) 30,000 miles + $89 annual fee [expired].  If you want to get it, get the 40k bonus not the 30k offer and when you click the link they advertise another 10k bonus for a balance transfer which I do not ever do or recommend due to the fees involved.  I don't love these offers but the US Airways credit card will be going away at some point due to the merger with American, so you can use to top off your account before it goes away.

Should I do this?

  1. Asia:  A business class round trip flight to Hong Kong and Thailand costs 90k US Airways miles.  If adding 50k miles to your account will give you 90k or more this may be worth it!
  2. Australia:  I would like to go to Australia and I can get a business class round trip ticket from US to Australia for only 110,000 Dividend miles plus under $200 in taxes.  I have almost enough for 2 tickets, and getting the additional 50,000 miles would give me enough.  See this post which explains Australia and other routing rules on US Airways (HT to Lucky for that).
  3. You and your spouse could both add 50k miles by each person doing this.
  4. If you have a ton of US Airways miles already, then I wouldn't do it. If you only plan to fly domestic, I probably wouldn't do it either.

How does it work?

  1. Find someone you will share with.  If you have 2 friends who also want to do this, person A shares with Person B who shares with Person C who shares with person A (A->B->C->A).  At the end each person will pay the fee and will have 50k miles deducted and 100k miles added (a total gain of 50,000 in exchange for the fee).  If you don't have any miles, start with  friend who does have miles.  I prefer to play it safe with 3 people but I believe just 2 people will work as well (A->B->A)
  2. Click here  Click Dividend Miles at the top.  Click Buy Share & Gift Miles.  Click Share Miles towards the bottom.  This link should take you right to the Share miles page (but it may stop working when they change the promotion).
  3. Fill out the form and select 50k miles.

HT to Lucky

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