Top 11 Places to Sell or Trade Your iPhone

Updated on January 25, 2018

iPhone6 Released

The iPhone 6 is here!
iPhone 6 was unveiled at Apple's event today – you can watch it directly from Apple's website here. What will you do with your old iPhone after you upgrade?  I plan to sell or trade mine in.

The prices for the new iPhone 6 are listed here on Apple's website:  $199 (16gb), $299 (64gb) , or $399 (128gb). Add $100 if you want the huge iPhone 6 Plus.  Without a contract, the iPhone 6 is $649, $749, $849 respectively.  There are many trade-in programs which can help you pay for your new iPhone 6.  The time to start looking is now because the values will continue to drop now that iPhone 6 will be released soon.  If you have an Verizon iPhone 4 or 4S in like new condition, email me. I'm looking to buy one.  We can cut out the middleman and both save the trouble.


What are the options for selling / trading my iPhone?

I received an email from Amazon and they are offering a Trade In Your iPhone Program:

  • 45-day lock-in period (starting 9/9-10/10) means you can lock in the value of your phone while you get your new phone ordered, delivered, and setup
  • higher trade-in price than competitors

How good is this and what other options are there?

The Amazon trade-in program caught my interest but I wanted to see what else was out there.  I have a Verizon iPhone 5 – with 32 GB of memory.  The options I found are listed below. The prices listed are all for an excellent condition phone.  I searched eBay and while I could sell my phone for up to around $350, after fees you will be left with about $300 (and there can be an untold number of issues/hassles).  The prices are likely to drop 20%+ in the coming weeks.  If you like the prices you see, lock them in now.

The Best Choices

1) Amazon:  The Amazon trade in program is offering the best trade in value.  While I prefer cash, I shop often on Amazon so I don't mind a gift card.  However, if your phone is not in excellent condition, the Amazon trade in value drops by about $100.  I just locked in my trade in value of $311.  If the condition does not meet their requirements, I will have them send it back.  NOTE: When I locked in my trade in on Amazon, I received a confirmation that I must ship by Sept 16th!  I called Amazon support and they confirmed the 45 day lock-in period which is being offered just for the iPhone.

2) eBay: If you don't mind the hassle, eBay is probably the next best choice.

3) Apple:  You want it to be easy and hassle free.  Trade in your iPhone to Apple's recycling program and use your store credit to buy the iPhone 6.

4) After the top 3, get a quote from the companies listed and see what works best for you.


Apple$225Apple Gift CardSimple and easy but its still a gift card.
Amazon Trade-In$311Amazon Gift Card45 Day Price Lock. Simple and easy but its a gift card.
eBayapprox $300CashInvolves the hassle of eBay$205Cash30 day price lock.$196CashLock price today, ship by 10/31/14$206CashLike eBay, you are listing it for sale.$195Prepaid Debit CardLocal tech comes to you.
Gazelle$185CashLock price now, ship by Oct 10$180CashFree shipping kit$185CashFree shipping kit$163Cash30-Day Price Lock


When is the iPhone 6 coming out?

  • Pre-Order Date: September 12
  • Available for sale date: September 19


What to do before selling or giving away your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch!

Make sure you erase your iPhone before selling it!  Here are the instructions.  When I sold my iPhone 4S, I forgot to erase it and the buyer called me trying to figure out how to access the phone.  I couldn't give him my password because it would give him access to my personal information so we found a way for him to restore the phone to factory settings.

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