Snoo $1300 bassinet can now be rented + 60% Off Promo Code

Updated on December 14, 2023

You can now rent a Snoo, the popular $1,300 robotic bassinet invented by a doctor together with designer Yves Behar and MIT engineers. Use the promo code TRBFEB20 to save 20% off the entire Snoo rental if you order Feb 7 to 10, 2019 [The new offer is about $3/day or $98/month)]. I wish this was available when I bought my Snoo, I would have not hesitated as much (due to the cost) and just rented it. There are now plenty of options to buy a used Snoo on eBay.

Being able to rent a Snoo makes it way more affordable versus buying (and you get to avoid “You want to spend how much to buy a bassinet, are you crazy!?”). In my Snoo review, I mentioned the potential for the traveler industry and parents who travel. Traveling with a baby can be, well, challenging. Knowing that I could rent a Snoo might have made trips (or longer trips) possible instead of lugging annoyingly bulky baby gear around the world. Hotels usually only have a crib or pack'n'play, if you're lucky. That means you need to bring your big stroller with a bassinet. You do pay for 1 month minimum, however, you can always send it back sooner if you want to get away for a couple weeks and actually sleep.

20% Off Promo Code

  • Snoo Rental Link
  • Use promo code TRBFEB20 to get 20% off the entire rental (regularly $4.90/day) [New promo is $3/day]
  • Valid Feb 7-10, 2019 (11:59 PT on Sunday)

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Buy a used Snoo and save!

There are plenty options to buy new Snoo's on eBay for ~$900 (instead of $1295) or you can also find used ones for $500-$700 depending on where you live. Some are barely used!

Why Renting is Better?

  • No scary up front cost
  • Keep it for at least 1 month, return anytime after, or when baby grows out of it (4-6 months)
  • $100 worth of free NEW gear to keep (3 swaddle sleep sacks, sheets and mattress)
  • Free shipping both ways
  • Each Snoo is certified (cleaned, sanitized and renewed)


I hesitated a lot on buying a Snoo at first because of the cost. After learning more about the Snoo directly from the inventor at a baby show, I was convinced. After getting a big discount, I bought one on the spot. If this rental option was available, the decision would have been much faster and easier. The rental is the way to go – keep it only as long as you need then send it back. Read my Snoo review for more details.



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