$30 Free Shyp Credit – Easier Way To Ship Things (Up from $10)

Updated on March 19, 2019

Shyp Logo$30 Credit to Mail an Item with Shyp.com

UPDATE: In January 2019, Shyp relaunched the company after shutting down the prior startup which was running the promotion detailed below. The below offer expired some time ago. Stay tuned.

Shyp is a new service that takes the hassle out of shipping things. They will come pick up your item, pack it, and ship it. The cost is $5 + the cost of shipping. Shyp will also pick up Goodwill donations free until August 6! Don't get it? Check out the video below.


HOW TO SIGN UP (+Get $30 $10 Credit)

  1. Download the Shyp app (The new company's app is not available yet)
  2. To get $30 $10 free shipping credit, launch the app and enter promo code GY9UFX on the last line when creating a new account. If you didn't enter a code, you can still add it later -> Click the menu (top left corner) -> Promotions -> Enter the Promo Code box -> Click Done.
  3. The $10 credit will show up on the Promotions page (see pic below).

Note: If you sign up with my link I will receive a referral credit – many thanks in advance if you do!

Shyp Promo Code


  1. Take a picture of the items you want to ship and enter the address
  2. Shyp will pick up your items then pack and ship them for you. Shyp provides all the packaging materials and guarantees up to $1k per shipment.
  3. Pay $5 for the pickup.


I hate shipping packages. Most of the people I know won't bother selling things online because of all the hassle.  Sometimes you just need to return something you ordered. I've had an eBay account since 1996 so I understand what a pain in the neck it can be. One of my least favorite things is the shipping part: finding the correct size box (usually an Amazon box that I received), packing material, comparing shipping prices, printing a label, and waiting in line at the post office, UPS, or FedEx behind people who has never shipped a package. The waiting in line can be a painful 10 minutes+ when I'm trying to get to work in the morning. If its heavy or large, I will need to call a Lyft or schedule a pickup.



$5 to pick up 1 or 20 items. It seems like a great deal to me. SHYP will come to me and take care of all the annoying parts of shipping. I don't have to find a box, packaging material, tape, labels, etc. The entire process on my own can easily take 30 minutes from start to end. I usually try to drop off a package on my lunch break but I often pay extra to ship via FedEx or UPS to avoid the post office, which always has 15+ people waiting on line. FexEx and UPS charge at least a couple bucks to send a pickup and you never know when they will show up. How much is 30-40 minutes of my time worth?  Definitely more than $5.

Shyp Pricing

How the pricing works


I think they are losing money for now just like many startups do. Shyp has to pay for someone to come to me to pickup my item, a box and packing material, and someone to weigh, label, and compare shipping prices. That's easily more than $5. Shyp recently raised $50 million from investors is looking to disrupt the shipping industry. Once they scale up they'll be able to negotiate lower bulk shipping prices. People pay the “retail” price and they will pay the “wholesale” price and make a profit. At the end of the day, you'll be paying the price you would pay if you walked into a store. Yes, that is a bit more than if you had an account and purchased the shipping online in advance.


Shyp partnered up with Goodwill and will pick up your donated items for free (until 8/6/15)! I think we all have plenty of stuff to donate if we had the time and it was easier (especially without a car).

Shyp Goodwill Donations



So far, Shyp is only available in a few cities.

Shyp New York City & Brooklyn Coverage Map





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