Review: EVA Air Infinity Lounge – Taipei (TPE)

Updated on February 27, 2015

EVA Air Infinity Lounge - Taipei

The Infinity Lounge in Taipei – EVA AIR


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We arrived in Taipei on EVA business class from JFK and headed towards the lounge to wait for our connecting flight to Hanoi, Vietnam.  Finding the lounge was a bit confusing as there were 4 EVA Air lounges: The Infinity, The Star, The Garden, and CLUB.

The hostess at the entrance checked our tickets (Royal Laurel class) and guided us to the right into their new lounge, The Infinity. I noticed the entrance to The Star lounge to the left but never asked if I could visit that lounge as well.  No complaints – I enjoyed my short visit.


EVA Air Infinity Lounge - Taipei



EVA Air Infinity Lounge - Taipei

The business center was open and had cool modern Herman Miller SAYL Chairs.

EVA Air Infinity Lounge - Taipei

Things got really interesting as we got in further (the picture at the top of this post).  The central seating area felt like a space ship with the memorizing lighting of the nuclear reactor core.

There were plenty of food options – hot and cold (I only have pictures of the cold foods). There was no need to eat too much as they have been feeding us extremely well on the previous flight from NYC and no doubt on the next flight as well.

EVA Air Infinity Lounge - Taipei

Juices, breads, and pastries

EVA Air Infinity Lounge - Taipei

Ice cream!

EVA Air Infinity Lounge - Taipei

Of course we helped ourself to some ice cream.  Tasty but not amazing.

EVA Air Infinity Lounge - Taipei

Free drinks…and not just the cheap stuff: Camus XO CognacGlenfidich 12 year old Scotch, Kavalan Whiskey!

EVA Air Infinity Lounge - Taipei

Plenty of things you will recognize – Coke, Sprite, water, juice, seltzer.  And maybe a few things you won't.

EVA Air Infinity Lounge - Taipei



The Mrs. told me they had heated toilet seats so I went to check it out (in the mens room of course).  I've never used a heated toilet before so I didn't know how to make it work, unfortunately.  I also try not to stay in airport/public restrooms for too long (I'm a bit of a germaphobe)  though this was one was constantly being cleaned.

EVA Air Infinity - Bathroom Toilet

They also had themed showers but I didn't try them out since we were not staying in the lounge that long.  The showers were locked and I believe you have to make a reservation.  Before I saw the lock, I thought about popping in to take a photo but then realized… something bad might happen.  We had just enough time to catch up on emails, grab a snack, and relax for a little.  Relax from what?  Nothing really… flying Royal Laural class was amazing 🙂

Here are some photos of the shower shared by a reader — thanks JW!  Much to my surprise, when I copied the photos, the computer said I already have photos with the same name.  How?  Turns out we had taken pictures at the same exact lounge at different times and ended up with them being numbered the same:  the filenames were IMG_0249.JPG to  IMG_0254.JPG.  I only took about 15 photos here.  What are the chances?

EVA Air Infinity - shower

EVA Air Infinity - shower


EVA Air Infinity - shower




My Camera: These photos were taken using my Canon S110 Digital Camera which has been replaced by the S120.  I love it – it's tiny, fits in my pocket, and takes amazing pictures/videos.


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  1. Too bad you didn’t get to check out their shower rooms. Very spacious and modern looking. I liked it so much that I even took some pictures so I could remember to enjoy it again next time I visit the lounge.

    Here is a short story. I accidently left my iPad in the lounge when I was there last time. I didn’t notice this until I was onboard. I informed one of the crew members and they immediately contacted the lounge. I thought I’d never seen my iPad again. But within 10 minutes, they located and delivered it to me. A kuge kudo to the EVA staff!

    • wow – you got lucky. The entire Eva operation was fantastic! You just reminded me that I took a photo of the bathroom on my iphone. I’ll add it.

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