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  1. It’s like drinking from a fire hydrant. My question is will you qualify for any of the bonuses if you have the same card currently (even if older than 18 months). I assume if you have an open account you won’t qualify again unless you close the account and wait 18 months?

  2. Do you know if you can get a sign up bonus if you closed a visa in the past 18 months and applied for the same card that is now only offered as a mastercard?

    • Don’t hold me to it but taking the 18 month language as is “American Airlines AAdvantage bonus miles are not available if you have had a Citi / AAdvantage Platinum Select MasterCard opened or closed in the past 18 months.” it specifies MasterCard so if you closed your Visa today, it should not reset the clock and in theory you qualify for the bonus again. Great question but unfortunately I don’t have a solid answer.

  3. I’m confused on the 6 months wait before qualifying again for the CitiBusiness AA bonus. I thought it was every 91-95 days (approx. 3 months)? Please explain how you came up with the 6 months. Thanks.

    • So you telling me there aren’t 15 days in a month?!? Typo – will update to reflect 3.5 months.

  4. I’ve got the personal Citi AA Platinum, Citi Platinum Gold, and Citi AA Amex. Are the rules the same on the Amex? Feel free to apply if opened over 18 months ago?

    FYI. I did get the Citi Premier Thank You card in April of this year. Also have two Hiltons with no AF.

    • To my knowledge Citi stopped issuing AA branded credit cards in Amex form. Does this answer your question?

  5. If i click your link shows 50k bonus but if i just go to aa.com it shows 30k bonus miles for the aa personal card. If i use your link will i still get 50k or is it expired?

    • Andrew,
      The 50k link is a public link from AA and is better than the regular 30k offer you’ll find on the AA website. If it loads (it just loaded for me), you should be good to go. If you want to be extra safe, take a screen shot before you apply and after you are approved, ask customer service to confirm the 50k offer. I have a 30k link where I get a commission but I didn’t list it here b/c its not as good.

  6. I just had a Citi representative tell me that even though the language within the Gold card (and assuming the others) states that the bonus is only eligible to people who have not had the gold card within the last 18 months, that the 18 month rule actually applies to all AA cards. She said she would be submitting this language error so it is corrected in the future.

    • The Citi AA biz card would be the only one that does not have the 18 month language. I would actually welcome this change since it takes the ambiguity out of the equation. Thanks for the data point.

  7. AAdvantage question — I want to help my brother. He’s had a Citi Personal AA MC for a while and is building up miles. Can I get a Citi Personal AA MC and sign up with his AA number to put the bonus miles directly into his account? Or will AA not let two cards be linked to one account?

  8. still not 100% sure i understand..i have a citi AA platinum select world MC..opened about two years ago..would i still qualify for bonus if i apply for a new card? while keeping my current?


    love your site!

  9. I currently still have the old design Citi AA Personal VISA (old 75k bonus). Can I sign up for the 50k Citi AA Personal MASTERCARD still (bc my current is a Visa)?

    • Yes, besides the visa and MC being considered two diff products, the language says opened or closed within the past 18/24 mo – which doesn’t fit your case since you still have it open.

  10. If the terms and conditions of the Citibusiness app has 24 month language than you can get the bonus again after that time period. Follow the wiki within the FT link above to keep up to date with changing conditions.

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