One Dollar Lunches! MealPal 5 Meals for $5 – TODAY ONLY

MealPal 5 Meals for $5 - One Dollar Each 5 Meals for $5

Get 5 meals for just $1 dollar each when you sign up for's new promotion. We're talking real lunches that cost in the $8-$10 range.

A few months ago I wrote about a MealPal promo but only a couple people that I know personally signed up. I laughed at the offering when I first heard about it (before they offered any promotions) and didn't think they'd last. With this new offer, which expires tonight, it seems all my coworkers are signing up. I've already tried the service once when a friend wasn't able to use his meal and I picked up a lunch that I normally would have bought for just under $10 from Semsom. They did skimp a bit since the lunch didn't include hummus, but overall a good value (meals are usually around $6 at their regular price). This time, I signed up for the 5 meals and we'll see how it goes.

Since then, they've grown really fast – check out the restaurant map below. They also reconfigured their membership options in response to customers.

Whats the catch? You just need to order you meals ahead of time – from 5pm the night before until 9:30am the day of the lunch then pick up your lunch. Each restaurant makes 1 set meal but there are lots of restaurants to choose from. If you forget to order in time, you lose that day's lunch. This is probably where they profit. I don't really like the pressure of remembering to order every evening or in the morning when my mind is not focused on lunch, but I'm going to try it out.


The Offer + Fine Print

Note: It doesn't show the offer on the landing page when you click but you will see it later in the process.

You can cancel at any time by emailing

You will be able to order lunch tonight starting at 5pm. Five lunches will be on 2/9, 2/10, 2/13, 2/14, and 2/15. You will be billed for your next full cycle on the Lunch A Lot plan (20 meals at $5.99 per meal, plus tax + fees) on Wed, 2/16 unless you cancel. [So put a reminder on your calendar if you plan to cancel!]


You'll find Mealpal's service available in Washington, DC, New York City, Miami, San Francisco, Boston, and Chicago.  Click here to see the delivery map here.

Restaurant Selection has expanding rapidly in New York — much faster than I expected. Check out all the restaurants available in New York City! As they continue to grow, it'll be easier to find something you want to have for lunch.

MealPal Coverage Map - New York


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  1. I signed up last time you posted this. It was fun to try out, but working in Financial District, there’s only a few options that are actually good on Mealpal. I liked having different options, but now that it’s so cold outside, I just stay inside (Brookfield place/Westfield WTC) where there’s plenty of options. I remember I got two meals from Sarabeth’s. Effectively, I paid just $6 for $15, $18 meals!! It’s a terrific deal.

    • Sarabeth’s looks good! Wish it was closer. Yep, agree it would be a pain to go outside of WFC. The rest of fidi area is easier to walk.

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