Lyft NYC: DESPERATELY Seeking Drivers, Extending 50 Free Rides, $500 Bonus For Driver Referral

Updated on October 25, 2015

50 Free Rides in New York City


Hey Lyft, how can I use my free rides in NYC if there are no cars available?



New to Lyft?  CLICK HERE to claim your 50 free rides in NYC and a $20 credit
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How do I sign up?
  1. Click here to sign up and get $25 towards your first ride (you now get $20 credit)
  2. Download the mobile app
  3. Sign up then click in the settings –> payment –> scroll to the bottom below your credit card info.  If the credits don’t show up in the app on their own, go to the Payment screen and enter the code STAYSAFE before requesting your first Lyft.

If your credits don’t show up, enter the code STAYSAFE here:

Where to enter the Lyft code


I recently wrote about Lyft giving away 50 Free Rides to celebrate their launch in NYC.  BUT what good are 50 free rides that expire in 2 weeks when there are no cars available?  So far this week when I checked various pickup locations around Manhattan, on average I found 0-1 cars available.  I have been able to use ZERO free rides.

The 50 Free Ride offer was for new and existing users.  For existing Lyft users, all you need to go is run the app when you were in NYC and the 50 free rides should show up on your ‘Payment' screen.



Lyft knows their launch didnt go so well and sent the email pictured below.  If you can't use your free rides before they expire (August 9th, 2014), they will be reissued “in the coming weeks”.  Know any TLC NYC drivers who might like to drive for Lyft?  If so, Lyft will pay you both!  You can refer them and you both get a bonus!

TLC NYC Drivers (including UBER drivers): Click here to become a Lyft driver


Lyft NYC apology


How does Lyft work?   Watch this youtube video and read my original Lyft post.



Lyft is now live in all five boroughs of NYC!  Unfortunately, there are not many cars available yet.

Lyft NYC Coverage Map






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