JetBlue 90% Off – $96 NYC to Oregon; $75 NYC to Puerto Rico leaving this week! (still available!)

Updated on December 14, 2023

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I just booked a flight from NYC to Portland, Oregon for only $96.20 (usually costs at least $500+) leaving Thursday (yes 2 days from now). But hurry because these won't last long.

JetBlue is running a promotion because its so hottt in NYC. For the next few days, if its 90 degrees or above, they are offering 90% (its really should be ‘up to 90% off'). Use this link and this promo code: HOTSEATS. Lots of bloggers are writing about it if you want to read more: DealsWeLike, Point Me To The Plane, Wandering Aramean

ARE THERE ANY DEALS LEFT? (yes, at least NYC to Portland Oregon or Puerto Rico)
If you read the forums, they will say there are no flights left at 90% OFF. This is not true though there may not be many. Its not obvious how to search for this – if you just click and search, you won't see it (and probably the only reason I still found something available). Here's how you do it.

Step 1: Click this link
Step 2: Search for a flight departing from NYC AREA (this only works from JFK, EWR, and LGA)
Step 3: Enter the promo code: HOTSEATS (its case sensitive so put all capital letters)
Step 4: For the destination, enter Portland, Oregon, leaving 7/18/13 (Thursday) returning 7/22/13 (Monday). Scroll down until you see a price in orange (i.e. its discounted). The 8:51pm departure from JFK is orange still with 2 seats left (it was 4 seats right before I bought mine). On the return choose one with a discounted price. After you choose both flights, the discounted price should appear on the bottom. $96.20.

Another flight that was available when I searched was NYC to San Juan Puerto Rico. Search for the orange prices – they were early morning departures or late night arrivals — not ideal but cheap. I searched South American with no luck (I was mainly searching where Starwood hotels exist only).

You can also earn miles on JetBlue's partner airlines. My small amount of JetBlue miles always seem to expire so I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I can get American Airlines miles instead. Read more about it here. This flight should be worth about 2,900 AA miles one way (JFK to PDX). The return flight is to EWR Newark, so I guess no bonus miles.

Be careful, I thought the policy allowed me to cancel within 24 hours of booking a ticket (in case I want to book something without being really sure if I can use it). They do allow you to cancel within 24 hours HOWEVER, you must be 7 days before the flight! Here's the link to the cancel policy details. In other words, you won't be able to cancel a flight booked just a couple days later with this promotion.

Next stop is to book some hotels.

JetBlue HotSeats - Portland, Oregon

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  1. JetBlue miles no longer expire so no need to worry about that anymore.

    Also, only a limited number of JetBlue routes can be credited to AAdvantage. JFK-PDX is one of them, but not all.

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