iPhone 7 – Where To PreOrder, How To Get 10% Cash Back

Updated on September 30, 2016

iPhone 7 is here

UPDATE: Get a Free iPhone 7 when you trade your iPhone 6

iPhone 7 Pre-Order Starts Soon

  • Pre-orders start on September 9th at 12:01am PT / 3:01 am EST
  • Shipments start on September 16

How to Pre-Order

Here's are the links for pre-ordering from Apple or the 4 major carriers:

  • Apple Store App (from your iPhone) or Apple.com
  • VerizonWireless – get iPhone 7 for $0! When you trade in any iPhone 6! (Not sure if that will work with the pre-order. Try using promo code VZWDEAL to get free shipping/activation (not sure that works yet). Military/Veteran can check for discounts)
  • AT&T – get up to $650 when you switch from another carrier
  • Sprint – price compare vs other carriers + get up to $650 when switching
  • T-Mobile – free iPhone 7 if you trade in an iPhone 6 (any flavor) – 2 year contract required

Then get $20 off your SquareTrade warranty with coupon code FP20 which makes it $129, the same price that AppleCare+ costs.


These are the prices from Apple's website. Some of the carriers are waiving shipping and activation fees if you order directly from there. Apple has taken down the prices which were available earlier today. Interestingly, Apple said the prices will be the same as the current models but the iPhone 6S Plus currently costs $749.99 vs the higher $769 price for the 7 Plus.

iPhone 7 iPhone 7 Plus
32 GB $649 $769
128 GB $749 $869
256 GB $849 $969

Discounts – Cash Back Up to 10%

Discounts on Apple products are hard to find but…there is a way. Discover IT Card offers 5% cash back on Apple online purchases which is doubled to 10% in your first year. This does NOT APPLY to pre-orders unfortunately, but if you are willing to wait a week, you'll save up to 10% (if you are still in your first year as a Discover card member).  [Update: Discover revised the list of exceptions to exclude iPhone 7 and list of other items.] Of course, that's assuming iPhone 7 will be available and not sold out. If you don't have the Discover IT card, it's not too late to get one. Find cash back credit card offers in the top right corner or by clicking below.


What's New?

The short version is big improvements to the cameras (especially on the Plus) and performance. iPhone 7 is also water and dust resistant and there are some new colors. Oh yeah, the headphone jack is gone so you'll need to use the included adapter to connect “old style” headphones.Check out the full comparison on Apple's website or check out the video below:


Which Model Should I Get?

I have been using the iPhone 6 for the past two years and while I think I prefer the smaller size, I'm leaning towards the larger Plus model because of the new impressive camera features. Watch the video above to see a demo of the Plus's dual-camera can do.

Which Color Should I Get?

Several reviewers online have suggested the new Jet Black color will be the most popular. We'll see. The Jet-Black has a new finish and is supposedly going to look like the front of a iPhone 6 black phone (the front and back will be shiny). It's also going to be more likely to scratch and show finger printers… so much so that Apple had to add a disclaimer warning people about it so they don't complain later. Most people are probably familiar with the other colors. For me, its between Silver, Black, or Jet Black.

Also, each color does not come in all capacity sizes. The Jet Black color is only available in 128 GB or 256 GB.

iPhone 7 Plus - Colors

Which iPhone 7 are you getting? Or are you going to wait for the iPhone 8 next year?



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  1. Tempted to switch to T-Mobile from Verizon for the free phone. Anyone in the NYC metro area care to comment on call quality with T-Mobile thank you

    • I have tried tmobile briefly in the past and you really need to test it out in the areas that you’ll be in. Just like Sprint, its probably fine for most people in most places, but some places it just doesn’t work well. If being connected all the time is not urgent, give it a shot.

      TMobile offers a lifetime coverage guarantee so if you’re not happy, you can return the phone in 30 days. http://explore.t-mobile.com/coverage-guarantee

  2. A lot (most? all?) portals for Apple exclude the latest/greatest new item. Who knows if they’ll add the 7 to that exclusion list.

    • They changed the exceptions now. Previously it said no-preorders. Now they are specifically excluding the iPhone 7!

      EXCEPTIONS: iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, Apple Watch, Apple AirPods, gift cards, gift wrap, 1 to 1 Membership, Bose, products to non-end user customers/purchases for resale, more than 5 units per eligible product, more than 2 iPhones within 30-days, shipping, taxes/fees

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