ID Stickers – 75% off lost and found service for your cell phone, electronics, more

Updated on August 4, 2015

A year or two ago, US Airways ran their Grand Slam promotion where you can earn up to 100,000 miles for doing different things such as buying products from a list of companies, renting a car, staying in a hotel etc.

One of the products was, a 24 hour lost and found service.  Each sticker was very expensive, about $20-25.  These are useful for everyone but even more so if you travel a lot (more chances to lose and leave things behind).

The company even made the news:  (Youtube link)

After everyone bought it, they went out of business and didnt tell anyone (link).
Someone in my family recently lost an iPhone so I decided to check to see if the TrackitBack sticker on my iPhone worked and I found out they were not longer in business.

I found out a new company called ID Sticker was offering 75% off to customers of TrackItBack (link), which left their customers high and dry.  All you have to do it email and include “TrackitBack Exchange for more information about the exchange” in the subject.

The new stickers cost $5 or $18 depending on the level of service you are want.  The best bet is to get a multipack and use the 75% discount.  An alternative where the stickers are cheaper and where the company has been around longer is  (no longer in business).  I put these stickers on my keys, phones, camera, wallet, and passport.

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