How To Transfer Marriott SPG Points, New Rules 100k/500k limits

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Want to transfer Marriott / SPG points to another person? Now is the time to do it!

Not long ago, Marriott made point transfers much much easier and now allows up to 100,000 points per calendar year between any two accounts. For example, this means you could have several people transfer you 100,000 points this year, up to 500,000. Then you could repeat it next year. It was much more difficult in the past and was limited to only 50k points. To get past the limits, people could transfer you points to use directly for an award booking (no award booking needed immediately, then you couldn't go over the low limit). No more worries!

So, if you were thinking about doing any transfers (to or from parents, siblings, cousins, grandparents, friends, coworkers, etc), do the transfers today! The limits will reset in the new year.


  1. Call the Marriott customer service number (800) 450 4442 or the Starwood phone numer (888) 625-4988
  2. Tell them how many points you'd like to transfer (up to 100k) and the account number they are going to.
  3. Done! The transfer should show up immediately (though the senders account took a while longer)

We have transferred points and this works (transfers up to 100k). Simple and fast!


  • Share up to 100k per calendar year with any other account
  • Receive up to 500k points per calendar year
  • Both accounts need to be in good standing & open for the last 60 days
  • New members can receive points 30 days after signing up if the account has activity or 90 days later even without activity
  • Miles and Elite Night credit can't be transferred (this would have been a nice feature!)
  • Sharing has no impact on Lifetime points

100k/500k LIMITS

I confirmed the 500k receiving limit by email since it is not explicitly stated in the terms and conditions.


Here are the Terms and conditions from the Marriott website that are relevant to transferring points.

2.8 Transferring Points from One Account to Another

2.8.a.  In accordance with the conditions for transferring Points as described in Section 1.6.c. Members can transfer up to a maximum of 100,000 Points per calendar year between any two accounts in good standing that have each been open for at least sixty (60) days, whether sending or receiving Points.

2.8.b.  A new Member may receive a Points Transfer thirty (30) days after enrollment if the Account reflects activity including a Qualifying Stay or other qualifying activity as described in Section 1.6.d.  After ninety (90) days from enrollment, a new Member is eligible to receive a Points Transfer regardless of their account activity.

2.8.c.  Authorization to transfer Points must be initiated by the Account holder with the Points to be transferred by contacting Member Support. The Account holder requesting the transfer must provide the Membership Number of the Points recipient at the time of the Point transfer request.

2.8.d.  Once the authorization for transfer is received and processed, the transferor relinquishes all rights to the transferred Points, and they become the recipient’s Points.

2.8.e.  Miles and Elite Night Credit cannot be transferred between Membership Accounts.

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  1. Speaking with agent, Marriott transfers to airlines are no longer just a few days like it was with SPG. I was shocked that the transfer time is now minimum 2.5 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (10-15 weeks)

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