Gett $10 Rides Are Back – South of 110th St NYC

Updated on July 7, 2016

Gett $10 Rides are back - below 110th St



Gett just announced that the popular $10 rides are back — and not just Midtown anymore, its anywhere south of 110th St! Gett is turning up the competition for Uber and Lyft. They also have a “Surge-Free Guarantee” which means Gett is going to be the cheaper than just about all the competition except for maybe the subway or bus. The only catch I expect will be longer wait times.


$20 FREE RIDE CREDIT (Expired)

  • Click Here to get your Free Ride (new customers get $20 which is enough for 2 flat rate rides) – click the link to see a list of coupon codes
  • Enter the coupon code (Click the menu icon -> Coupon Code -> enter the code)
  • We will both get $20 ride credit (that's another 2 free rides) – thanks in advance if you use this code!!
  • For more coupon promo codes, check out



Click the menu icon on the top left corner -> Coupon Code -> enter the code

coupon code entry


Hey Gett customers,$10 rides are back!

Take a Gett car in Manhattan anywhere from 110th St. to Battery Park for only $10.

Plus, we're keeping our Surge-Free Guarantee. All prices are fixed regardless of demand, traffic, weather or time of day.

Happy riding!

The Gett Team



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