GETT $10 Flat Rate Rides Now ONLY Central Manhattan

Updated on September 7, 2015

GETT $10 Rides 2015 Central Manhattan



UPDATE: Gett now offers $10 rides below 110th St! (not just central manhattan)

GETT just changed their $10 Flat Rate pricing.  No longer can you go anywhere in Manhattan for $10.  The flat rate is now limited to Central Manhattan (from Houston to 59th St.).

Many people were hoping the $10 flat rate anywhere in Manhattan would stick around longer but that was probably getting expensive for GETT to subsidize…and that was if you were lucky enough to find a GETT ride on your app.


  • $10 flat rate rides are still available
  • No surge pricing – GETT doesn't charge extra during busy times like UBER and LYFT
  • Surprise! There are actually MANY cars available now!  (yes, I changed the car icons to space ships)
Gett cars available 1-22-15

It should be easy to get a GETT now


  • Much smaller service area for the $10 flat rate
  • Downtown gets cut out of the flat rate area completely
  • Your savings vs a taxi (if you can find one when you need it) are likely to be smaller



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  • We will both get $20 ride credit (that's another 2 free rides) – thanks in advance if you use this code!!
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Ron Srebro, CEO of GETT USA, sent out this announcement today:

Hey there,We know how much you loved our $10 rides last year, that's why we’ve decided to keep them in central Manhattan. Gett around for the amazing rate of $10, anytime, anywhere between Houston and Central Park South.We have some pretty amazing rates throughout the rest of New York, so just open the app and enter your destination for a great competitive price quote.I appreciate that it's been frustrating to get a car at times and my team is working super hard on getting more drivers on the road, to ensure you can always get one.Don't suffer surge pricing. Open the app and tap Gett today.RonGett CEO



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