Free Round Trip Flight With New Sprint Account (Up To 25k AA Mile Bonus) now 30k Miles! [sponsored]

Updated on October 26, 2017

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Disclosure: This post was a sponsored opportunity from Sprint, however, all content and opinions written here are my own.

Free Round Trip Flight With New Sprint Account

UPDATE: The new offer is now up to 30,000 miles!

Sprint recently introduced an offer to hook frequent travelers. Get a new Sprint cell phone account and you'll get up to 25,000 American Airlines AAdvantage® miles. That's 20,000 AAdvantage® miles for the new account. Then an extra 5,000 miles issued over 12 months, but be careful as you can't combine this extra bonus if you have an employee/student discount (you'll lose your discount if you go for the miles offer).

Now, 25k miles is enough for a domestic round trip coach flight, or a one-way business class seat. That might be good enough for some people. This becomes a much better deal if you have a family plan and are able to take advantage of their other offers:

  1. Up to 25k miles – free domestic round trip flight
  2. Switch To Sprint, Get $400 Visa® Prepaid Card
  3. iPhone 7 – Lease One Get One Free
  4. Unlimited for $22.50/month/line (5th line free)

Let's go through these one at a time:

1. 25,000 miles offer

  • Link: Up to 25,000 AAdvantage® miles with New Sprint Account
  • Expires: 12/31/2017
  • Mile Offer:
    • Get 20,000 miles when you open at least 1 new cell phone acct with Sprint
    • Get 5,004 miles (“Monthly Miles”) after staying with sprint for 12 months (you'll get ongoing miles every month — 417 miles x 12 months = 5,004 miles. Note: This cannot be combined with a SDP discount (for example: employee, student, etc discounts).

Sprint 25000 AA Miles Promo

For example, lets say I wanted to fly NYC to Los Angeles in December. A quick search on shows there are plenty of available one-way economy MileSAAver seats available (bright green) for 12.5k miles each. The return flights also cost 12.5k.

NYC - LAX December Saver Domestic Award Availability

Maybe you want to splurge for business class?  There are a couple options available, although in this case, none of them are direct (except for Dec 11, but that one costs 32.5k instead of 25k).

NYC - LAX December Saver Business Class Award Availability

2. Switch To Sprint, Get $400 Visa® Prepaid Card

This is for the family plans out there. If you are switching with 3+ new lines to the unlimited plan, you can get a $400 Visa prepaid gift card.

Switch to Sprint get $400 Gift Car - Free Round Trip Flight

3. iPhone 7 – Lease One Get One Free

Time to upgrade your old phone? I won't start a debate here what is better, iPhone or Android. If you're looking for an iPhone 7, you can get 2 for the price of 1. Sign up for an 18 month lease for $27.09/month and you'll a second one for free. The credit will come in monthly to offset the lease fee for the 2nd line. This works for 2 new lines or 1 new line and one upgrade as well.

sprint iphone-7 promotion - Free Round Trip Flight


4. Unlimited for $22.50/month/line

Sprint's Unlimited plan costs $22.50/month for 4 lines and the 5th line is free. This also includes HD1080 video and 10GB of Hotspot. These prices last up until 6/30/18. After 6/30/18, the prices go up for the first two lines: Line 1 goes up to $60/month and line 2 goes up to $40/month. Lines 3-5 will then be $30/month. Keep in mind that Sprint will slow certain data services after you hit 23GB/month. Streaming videos and music will happen at 1.5mbps and gaming will be at 8mbps. With all this, you may not even need to keep your home internet service.

sprint 22.50 per month wireless phone promotion - Free Round Trip Flight


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    • I don’t see such a limit in the terms and conditions. But I’d suggest asking customer service to be sure.

  1. You probably should point out that you pay a higher monthly rate if you go with the AAdvantage points benefit when signing up for a program. I am not saying that the numbers don’t work out to the benefit of the person signing up for this deal, but there is an added cost in the form of higher monthly fees in order to get the miles.

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