Free $20 Via Ride Credit (Previously $10) Promo Code

Updated on March 7, 2020

Via, a smaller competitor to Uber and Lyft, now operates in 3 cities (NYC, Chicago and Washington DC) and is offering $20 bonus promo credit when you sign up by 11/11/18!

Via started out in New York City with it's $5 shares rides and also launched in Chicago with $3.95 rides, and eventually in DC.  The Doc initially reported a $20 promo but shortly closed the post for comments as new users were only getting $10.  I don't think he realized that this $20 promo was extremely targeted.  If you didn't receive this email below, you are not targeted and your referral is only worth $10.

via ride credit


  1. Download the free app: App Store or Google Play
  2. When you sign up, enter promo code  p4e8 (easiest to copy n paste the code)
    1. if you miss the option, you can add it later:  just click MENU –> PROMO CODES.  This is a referral code.
  3. Must enter code by 11/11/18 in order to get $20 credit!!!  Update: Now $10


You are welcome to list your referral code in the comments section below as long as you include a link to an uploaded pic (similar to the one above) showing you were indeed targeted for the $20 promo. For example, take a screen shot of your email and post it here, then share the link in the comments along with your referral. Please do not list your code if it’s only $10.


Via is a little different than it's bigger competitors. Via is essentially a shared-shuttle that usually takes local roads picking up people and dropping them off along the way.  Just like Uber and Lyft, Via offers a private ride option for a higher fare.  Unlike Uber and Lyft, the routing / pairing is the most direct and IMO is the best option when ride-sharing in NYC.

Via also has a “private ride” option which is similar to ordering an UberX or a regular Lyft where there is no pooling option.



There is no tax added to the rides AND you can use pre-tax dollars. Via takes several different payment methods including TransitCheck, Commuter Check, Beniversal, WageWorks, and eTRAC.  Just bear in mind that funding your account with pre-tax dollars removes the private ride option since that's not the intent.  If you value the private ride option, stick with credit card as the method of payment / funding.


If you are in a rush or easily get annoyed by other people, Via may not be the best idea. There might be many stops along the way – just like taking a train or bus! Its like Uber Pool and Lyft Line. And, didn't you hear this is the new tinder?

Let us know if you also feel that Via beats the competition when it comes to ride-sharing!

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  2. Hey I just got the same email but mine expires on the 1/26/2019

    Via Ride Share they are giving $20 off your first ride limited time only expires 1/26/19 with promo code: (code removed – now expired)

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