Fly US – Europe / India / Israel / Middle East / Australia starting at $149: Roundtrip, including all Taxes (act fast, this will not last!)

Updated on December 14, 2023

UPDATE 11/26/13: According to this article, wideroe knew about the problem and they themselves let everyone know and didn't do anything to stop it. At this point, even if your flight it ticketed, there is a chance it won't be honored, so please keep that in mind as you are booking hotels – book only refundable reservations for now.

UPDATE 11/24/13 @ 11pm: It seems that some people are still able to book these flights.  Please keep sending your results/comments.

UPDATE 11/24/13 @ 11:14am: THIS DEAL IS OVER. IF YOU BOOKED SOMETHING, JUST WAIT FOR A CONFIRMATION.  DO NOT CALL THEM.  One reader posted that he rec'd his confirmation already.


Thanks to for finding this (see link here).  They have screen shots of successful bookings at these low prices.

You can fly United Airlines from NYC to Europe / India / Israel / Middle East / Australia starting at $149.  This may be a price error and therefore may not work but its worth trying (but try fast as this is likely to end soon!)

Invalid request error occurred.

Step 1:  Go To [] or [] – copy and paste it – (this is a norweigan airline that appears to not be including fuel surcharges on United Flights).

Step 2:  Try to book a flight from your US city to the above countries (NYC to Milan has been the cheapest so far at $149).

Step 3:  Since you will be paying in Swedish Krona, make sure you use a credit card with no foreign fees to save 2-3% that most cards charge.  If you don't have one, the 2-3% wont kill this deal for you if it works, but check out the top 5 credit card offers if you want to get one.

Step 4:  Be patient.  The site is slow — I'm trying to test book a fare and writing this post while I'm waiting.  As of 7:55pm, the site is running at a reasonable speed.

Step 5:  DONT BOOK ANY HOTELS until your flight is confirmed.  Your credit card probably won't be charged until you receive the confirmation #.  According to TheFlightDeal, the confirmation # should be 016-XXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Check back here and the link I posted above to the flight deal to see updates

Confirmed Test Bookings

1) Newark EWR to Milan MXP – Feb 12 to 19, 2014 = 915 NOK (USD $149)    – 1 stop going there, direct coming back.  feifeirun  also booked this in May.  Amazing deal.

2) NYC to LIS for $260 in Jan  (Thanks Christine)


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  1. I booked and received email comfirmation but can`t find it with the confirmation number on UA website yet. Also, I don`t see any charge on my creditcard either. Not even pre-authorization. I used the chase united creditcard

  2. Wideroe is a tiny airline that was almost bankrupt and was recently bought from SAS by a small group of Norwegian businessmen, I strongly believe all tickets will be cancelled Monday, there is no way they can afford this loss.

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