FLASH GIVEAWAY: $150 United Travel Certificate TONIGHT (Must Redeem by 7/11/14)

Updated on December 14, 2023

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Win a $150 UNITED Travel Certificate – MUST BE REDEEMED BY 7/11/14.  DRAWING TONIGHT has been chosen (Click here to find out)

I received a $150 travel certificate last year from United for a significantly delayed flight which caused a missed connection, requiring an overnight stay in Denver, Co. Unfortunately, I have not had an opportunity to use the certificate and there are only 2 days left to redeem. Hey – my loss is your gain.


  1. Enter a comment below and tell us 1 reason why you love or hate flying United for one entry. Be as kind, harsh, or funny as you would like.  
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One (1) winner will be selected tonight, 7/9/14 at 11PM E.S.T.


Update :  The winner of the certificate and a surprise extra bonus prize has been announced here (LINK).  Thanks everyone for entering.

Click here to learn how to redeem United certificates. Remember, 7/11/14 is the redeem-by date and not the fly-by date. Must be redeemed on United metal and NOT United code-shared flights flown by another carrier.

Good Luck!

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  1. I’ve hated flying United because the flights always seem to be late…but I will make an exception if I win!

  2. I hate them because of their use of regional jets for long flights. Perhaps other carriers do it as well but I notice it more on United.

  3. I hate flying United because the airline and the MP program have gone downhill fast the last few years, but my home airports are MRY/SFO so for the moment, I trudge on. It’s not the “friendly” airline of yester year. On the up?-side, testing new waters, I’ve currently got 11 ex-SJC AS segments booked.

  4. I don’t know about love, but I’ve always enjoyed the extra legroom in United Economy Plus.

  5. I like flying united because I only need 160,000 miles before March 15 to become a million miler and if I win this will help me towards that goal

  6. Loved the old United. Frustrated and hate that United cancels almost every flight between Monterey and San Francisco…. and has been doing so for several years.

  7. United won me over from American a couple decades ago. Looking at recent changes, that may not have been a wise decision. United used to take care of passengers, esp freq flyers. Flyers could count on UA to get them to their destinations one way or another. Now, we have to leave early to be sure we’ll get there… and it’s tough to redeem miles.

    Since I stick with United, it seems I still love United. They occasionally will upgrade and that is excellent.

  8. Great offer, appreciate it!

    Used to fly UAL revenue and airman-nonrevenue quite frequently, including international JFK-LHR (before it was disposed of to DAL), IAD-MUC and IAD-GRU roundtrips.

    Love the people (the former UAL, CO appeared to have had reservations with “nonrevs”), but overall the airline has deteriorated since the merger. Great when UAL offers upgrade at check-in for their extra revenue / my extra comfort. Besides that, it’s another “United States” airline – every detail is cost driven – and mediocre on an international scale. Food on former VARIG, now TAM of Brazil a different class, even in economy, Lufthansa same. Cleanliness and technological advangarde is always second rate on any US carrier – compared with Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, even Norwegian – “the Low Cost Carrier”etc. (But haven’t flown on UAL’s few 787s yet – that’s why I’m applying for the drawing)

    Thanks again for the offer!

  9. Twitter & fb wont work on this fone! I tried for hours. I will like united if they take me to meet my brother ive never met, im 68!
    American airlines never returned my passport

  10. I love United. I must say United has always treated me fairly, and it is an airline I can count on. It has been easy to redeem miles for award tickets, and easy to get miles through the shopping portal and other offers.

  11. i love united!!! just flew on one of the new 787 airplanes from SFO-Haneda!! what a smooth and quite ride it was. love the new planes and looking foward to the 787-9 united flights too!

  12. I’ve never flown but have it on my bucket list so I can’t complain or brag about United’s service just yet.

  13. I like United for the ease of use of their award chart. On the other hand, I’ve grown tired of their too-often surly and rude customer service (or lack thereof) at the airport. I really liked customer service at Continental, but it’s really gone downhill since the merger.

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