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ParkWhiz Guaranteed Parking - Reserve Parking - Cheap Parking

Find Cheap Parking, Compare Prices, Booking Instantly

Need to reserve parking and want to compare prices right on your phone? ParkWhiz is an app/website that does just that and here's a promo code for 20% off (expires 8/31/17). Find the cheapest parking plus no more paper receipts, coupons, or driving around looking for the best price!

Recently I needed to drive into Manhattan and wanted to plan ahead where I would park so I wouldn't waste time. In the past, finding parking usually meant paying fee closest to my destination since I didn't have time to check the prices at several lots. Parking in Manhattan can be really expensive. Depending on traffic, going around a block could take 30 minutes! As a result, I would never find the parking lot a few blocks away that was half price.

Parkwhiz lets you reserve parking ahead of time using your computer or on the app when you're on the go. And they have awesome reviews to boot! Their website claims “Up to 50% off drive up rates”. I haven't verified this but judging by the results of my search, I can see some very reasonable rates for Manhattan.

20% Off Promo Code

Partners & Locations

According to Wikipedia, ParkWhiz “works with 4,000 parking facilities in over 50 major cities and 35 states”. They have also inked some impressive partnerships with big brands and companies. The work with Concur (expense management), Ford, StubHub, Barclays Center, and also the Indianapolis Colts! They started out in 2006 – can't believe I haven't heard of them till now.

How It Works

  • Lets say you want to find parking near Penn Station NYC. You just type in “Penn Station” and the app shows you the options around you.
  • The app found parking ranging $24-$55 just a few blocks from each other.
ParkWhiz Parking App Reserve Parking - Cheap Parking

Parking options near Penn Station – from $24 to $55


  • I choose the cheapest $24 option and on the next screen I see the exact time for checkin, checkout, and any additional fees for oversize cars.


ParkWhiz Parking App Reserve Parking - Cheap Parking

  • After paying, you'll get a digital parking pass. No need for paper. Just make sure your phone has enough battery!
ParkWhiz Parking App Reserve Parking - Cheap Parking

Digital Parking Pass – No paper required

Refer a Friend

You'll get $10 credit for every 2 friends who try out ParkWhiz. Your buddies will each get $5 off.


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  1. I’ve used them once and I don’t find it all that convenient. It might be good for those that need to reserve a spot for events, but other than that, I wouldn’t use it. My experience, reserved a spot for a Halloween festival and the parking garage wasn’t even opened. They did provide good customer service by quickly refunding the money and issuing a credit for next use, but it was much easier to find a open garage rather than having to find the specific one that I had reserved.

  2. Used them as well but had more like – I m located in NYC maybe thats why. i wish they had more places listed though

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