Eat out twice and get 750 easy American Airlines miles

Updated on August 4, 2015

Dine twice and get 750 America Airlines bonus miles
Getting bonus miles for dining is an easy way to earn some miles.  It is not a lot, 750 in this case, but they add up.  The great thing about this is that many airlines have their own dining program.  You sign up for free, register your credit cards, and when you eat at select restaurants, you automatically get bonus miles.  No coupons, cards, or anything to show.  Since its not a lot of miles, I usually don't waste time trying to find a participating restaurant.  I eat out and sometimes they are participating, usually they are not.
Here are the details of this promotion:
If you are a new member, sign up here to get 1,000 bonus miles.
This spring, you can earn 750 AAdvantage® bonus miles for dining twice at any participating AAdvantage Dining restaurants! Be sure to dine twice by July 15 to take advantage of this fantastic double dining bonus. To be eligible to earn 750 AAdvantage® bonus miles just for dining, follow these simple steps:
1 Register for the Two Dines Are Better Than One Bonus.*  (click here to sign up)
2 Dine twice at participating AAdvantage Dining locations and spend $40 during each dine by July 15, 2013.
3 Complete your dining reviews within 30 days of each dine.
4 Earn 750 AAdvantage® bonus miles!

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