Don’t Let Paypal SPAM Your Phone: How To Opt Out

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Paypal will now allow you to opt out of autodialed spam. Seems Paypal forgot it's a technology company – they will let you send money around the world with a few clicks but you'll have to call to tell them “Do not SPAM my phone!”. And you have to wait on hold to speak with someone. After I got through, I insisted on being able to do it online myself but despite being put on hold repeatedly, and following the reps instructions, it was not possible.

The least they could do was allow users to do it online themselves! Abuse like this is one more reason to use a competing service like Venmo (I've had my Paypal account for 15 years!).

The only way to Opt-Out is by having the representative do it for you. How many of their 162.5 million users will be calling in? The wait time was only a minute now but is likely to get longer as more people start calling. I'm surprised they didn't require a form to be mailed in as was required to opt-out of arbitration.



  1. Call 844-629-9108
  2. Enter your phone number and last 4 of your social when prompted.
  3. Say “Representative” a few times to get through the menu. (ignore the prompts, they don't work… I tried)
  4. Tell the representative that you would like to “opt out of marketing”. There are two options to opt out of a) marketing b) account related issues such a receiving payments or payment problems but I only turned off marketing for now.



Paypal provided these instructions at the bottom of the email sent today:

1.10(b) Your Choices. You do not have to consent to receive autodialed or prerecorded message calls or texts in order to use and enjoy PayPal's products and services. Where PayPal is required to obtain your consent for such communications, you may choose to revoke your consent by contacting customer support at 1-844-629-9108 and informing us of your preferences.

You also can review the new Section 1.10(a) and 1.10(b) in our User Agreement here.

You can review our entire User Agreement here.


Will you be opting out?



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  1. I don’t like using paypal. It’s just another account to maintain and be in danger of getting hacked. lol

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