#deleteUberEats – Which food delivery app is the best? (Poll)

Updated on March 30, 2018

#deleteUberEATS deleteUberEATS best food delivery app

Which food delivery service is the best?

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#deleteUberEats – Which food delivery app is the best?

I can tell you which one is not – UberEATS. I have been using food delivery apps very often for a couple years now. None are perfect and hiccups are bound to happen. Fees have been raised and I can see some of these apps being weeded out.

1. Delivery.com

Promo Code: $7 off first order

Delivery.com offers the most variety of restaurants and locations in the NYC area. If I'm outside of the NYC area, I know that I can usually find something on delivery.com. They don't add any hefty fees and the customer service is very good.  Both the website and app work very well. I also use them to order groceries.

2. Postmates

Promo Code: $100 free delivery credit (good for 7 days) <- the link will give you the promo code automatically

Postmates will not only bring you food but also offers something unique the other services don't. They will deliver anything from any business in the service area. How? Just search the business name, click “add custom items”, and fill out the form. I needed a part from an electrical supply shop and almost used Postmates until I realized there was a shop walking distance.

They charge a delivery fee of $2.99 to $3.99 plus a service fee of 9.99%. The fees are reasonable compared to some competitors.

3. Doordash

Promo Code: $7 off your first order

Doordash delivers food in major cities like New York City but not right outside in NJ. Delivery fees can be a couple to several dollars plus an extra 18% to your food subtotal. The fees can add up so I will order Doordash usually when a decent promotion is offered (at least free delivery).

4. Caviar

Caviar, like Doordash, is also limited to the major cities such as NYC. The name might confuse some but the idea is they only work with highly ranked restaurants. And they charge extra because of this – 18% service fee plus delivery fees can run as high as $9. Add in tax and an optional courier bonus and… it's a premium service.

Customer service at Caviar is very responsive. They usually try their best to correct a problem like redelivering an incorrect order. Even if there is a mixup or problem with the delivery (like the driver can't get in touch with you), Caviar has usually made things right, in my experience.

5. GrubHub

Promo Codes: $7 off first order…. or Delivery.com $7 off first orderPostmates $100 free delivery creditDoordash $7 off your first order

GrubHub (aka Seamless) is closest to delivery.com in that they are not limited to major cities. But this is part of a big company that doesn't care and their service stinks. I've had promos voided from my account and customer service requests disappear in the black hole… ignored forever.

I generally don't bother using GrubHub but I'm sure they don't care.

6. UberEATS💩

Promo Codes: nope… Delivery.com $7 off first orderPostmates $100 free delivery creditDoordash $7 off your first order, GrubHub $7 off

Today I #deleteUberEATS. With all the resources Uber has, I really expected better. UberEATS, why do you offer promotions and don't let people use them? Why does your difficult to understand outsourced telephone rep (1-800-452-8949) just keep repeating herself even though I just told her the app shows something different? Why does one rep tell me to go ahead and place my order then call back and they will correct it. Then when I call back I'm told the opposite. While I'm on hold for 10 minutes, my order gets cancelled. Then I wait another 15 minutes just to find out the it was the driver that cancelled it causing the food to be tossed out.

I called the restaurant after 5 minutes and got the answer myself before you did.  And after calling the restaurant, they offered to remake the food but they ran out of what I ordered. My wife had a similar experience (the very same day) and her representative just didn't really understand English and supervisors were on other calls. Your customer service reps are not empowered to solve any problems.

No one needs you and there are much better alternatives out there. I do not enjoy wasting my night sorting out dinner delivery then finally cooking anyway. I have a few promo codes in the account but they are worthless. And for those reasons, I #deleteUberEATS 💩

So who's the best in the New York City area?

My favorite has been Delivery.com for a user friendly website and app, no added fees, and great service. Top that off with grocery and alcohol delivery and what else do you need?


Coming soon…

  • BeyondMenu
  • Eat24
  • Foodler
  • What others did I miss?


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  1. I use a very small start up, only 1 employee, the business plan seems very sustainable and simple, basically I order from a local place and then in 10 to 15 minutes I walk out of my door and pick it up, free delivery, no codes needed.

    • 🙂 Yep, the old fashioned way works in many places…until a) they get bombarded with orders and b) don’t have time to answer each call, c) either you have trouble understanding them or them you, d) because of all this orders get screwed up.

  2. I love Eat24 and it is the best delivery app in my opinion ! I use them all the time, because you can take $2 off your food with their promo code almost EVERYDAY, not like other delivery companies which rarely offer discount, and usually only for first time user or referral only.
    You can find Eat24 promo code on their twitter @Eat24. Their customer service is good and their app is very easy to use. Once you tried it you will never look back !

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