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      • It’s been tough to balance the 8/65 day rule with the recent advent of the prestige and premier sign ups. I had to take a break from the AA exec To squeeze in these 2 new signups. In any case, ditto w your comment. Citi controls been broken since the advent of time. Gotta wonder why it’s a $5 stock (reverse split adjusted)

  1. Any anecdotal evidence of “It’s gotten so strict that Citi will reject applications for Citi AA cards simply because the applicant has a current or previous Citi AA product”

    i got in on the aa exec… would HATE to wait 18 months FROM CLOSURE of the Executive card to open a regular platinum AA card…

    • I can tell you from personal experience this is the case. If my word is not good enough, check the FT thread and it’s in the wiki based on many similar experiences.

      • I’ve read FT. Nothing clear and there are several wikis of different timing and of different rules by Citi which change and adapt to marketing needs. If you have recent personal experience then let us know, why not? T&C doesn’t state different cards outright will dq you.

        • Sorry I should have clarified. Was rejected in Jan 2015 for the citi aa biz card, letter indicated that reason was because I was already a holder of an aa citi card and the only one I had active was the citi exec aa. I do not know for sure when the 18 month clock starts and historically there has been no hard and fast rule – it’s when enough time has passed (in citi’s eyes)

          • Thanks. Last aa exec app for me around June ’14 (1 of 2 execs, both canceled). Just applied for MC 30k. Got approved and letter stating 30k. Now we’ll see I suppose… Last MC definitely over two yrs. terms only state in regards to prev MCs. We’ll see…

  2. come on bro…this is common knowledge. why advertise this so it dies. at least let people do some work and read FT like the rest of us.

    • Similar posts were published starting a year ago – still alive today. If there is one blog Citi does not follow, it would be this one!

  3. Getting the miles and avoiding the fee is simply dis-honest. Too bad a few rotten apples caused the rest of us to lose an opportunity for multiple cards. Too bad Citi wasn’t smart enough to have written into their T’s and C’s that one had to hold the card a certain amount of time or the miles would be cancelled or charged in some way. And if they did, too bad they didn’t enforce their T’s and C’s.

    • Not as smart as Barclays. The U.S. Airways card (when it existed) required AF payment before the 50k bonus was credited. Then again, Barclays allowed multiple signups, which has since been shut down.

  4. Thanks for posting this and sharing! Dont worry bout people complaining, there are many more who appreciate it but just don’t take the time to write comments.

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