Citi AA Exec 75k Bonus Offer Landing Page DEAD. Ending Soon?

Updated on February 19, 2016

It appears the official 75k offer landing page for the Citi AA Exec card no longer loads as of 12:01AM 8/2/14.

This may be a sign that Citi is pulling the big bonus offers for the Citi Exex AA cards. Thankfully the zombie link still works – but who knows for how long.

This is the next best thing after Citi expired the 100k offer.  If you planned to go for another round of AA bonuses, now is the time to apply before the zombie link dies too.  This seems to be following the same pattern when Citi pulled the 100k offer (see posts here and here)

  • working:  75k offer application link [dead]
  • not working: official 75k  landing page which describes the offer



Reminder on the 8/65 day rule: If your most recent application for any Citi card is less than 8 days ago, you need to wait. Also, if your previous (second-to-last) Citi application is less than 65 days ago, you need to wait. These are not rules published nor are they known by Citi customer service reps but are based on thousands of Citi card applications and datapoints from several forum threads.



This is the error screen I get when I try to load the 75k offer:

AA 75k offer dead


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