Better US Airways Credit Card Bonus 50000 + 10000 Bonus Miles

Updated on December 23, 2014

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US Airways 50000+10000 Bonus Miles Offer


Even better US Airways Credit Card Bonus: 50,000 + 10,000 Anniversary Bonus Miles

Yesterday, I posted details about the 50,000 bonus offer.  I just found out there is a slightly better offer available: 50,000 + 10,000 Anniversary Bonus (thanks James!).  Its meant for US Airways Preferred (elite) members, but some people who were not Preferred/Elite members, report getting approved anyway.  This offer may not be listed by other sites because there is no commission paid for referrals (it's not in the affiliate programs).  I say it is only “slightly” better because you get the Anniversary bonus points on your card anniversary which is when they charge you the annual fee!

EASY 50,000 Miles!

This is a fantastic offer because its SOOO easy to get 50,000 miles!  These miles will eventually become American Airline miles.

**UPDATE 12/23/14:  Seems that Barclays is auto-rejecting applicants that are not Preferred for the 50,000+10,000 mile offer.  If you are NOT actually “Preferred”, do not use the “Preferred” link below.  If you are auto-rejected, you cannot apply for another Barclays card for 30 days.  To be safe, I suggest using the link for the 50k bonus.  PointsWithACrew reports that some non-preferred people are still getting approved (see discussion on Flyertalk).

Links to Apply
  • Direct Link (50,000 Bonus + 10,000 Anniversary Miles Offer for “Preferred” Members) <— Best Offer
  • Direct Link (50,000 Bonus Offer, No Anniversary Miles)
  • My affiliate link: (50,000 Bonus Offer, No Anniversary Miles) Many thanks if you use this link!  It takes a few seconds extra to click through my “Airline and Frequent Flyer Credit Card Offers” link – thank you in advance if you use this!!  They removed this offer from the affiliate program.


Annual Fee: $89 (not waived)

Expiration Date:  I'm not sure, my guess is the end of December but if a lot of people sign up (and they will), the offer may be pulled early!


Why you should get it:

  • Sign Up Bonus: The 50,000 offer is the best offer available for the US Airways card
  • Anniversary Bonus: Preferred members get 10,000 miles extra on your card opening anniversary (you will pay the annual fee again!)
  • Easy Miles, No Spend Required!  Read my more detailed review I wrote here.
  • I don’t like annual fees but this offer makes it easy for anyone to get miles without worrying about any minimum spend requirements.  Is $89 worth 50,000 miles?  Of course!  There is no other way to buy points for $0.00178 each.  And these will be merged with AA miles eventually.
  • Fly to North Asia once you have 60k miles (Japan, S.Korea, Taiwan, Macau, HK, China, the ‘stans, and Mongolia).  Most airlines charge 70k miles to most of these destinations.   Add the bonus to your existing miles and you may have enough.
  • Additional perks:
    • Get 10% of your redeemed miles back up to 10,000 per year.
    • First Checked Bag FREE (for you and up to 4 companions on domestic US Airways flights)
    • One Companion Certificate for up to 2 guests ($99+taxes and fees each) and Priority Boarding Zone 2. 
    • A free Club day pass
    • Coming in 2015:   $100 flight discount each year you spend $30,000 on purchases (that's pretty steep just to get a $100 discount though)
    • 25% in-flight savings on food, beverages & headset purchases on US Airways and American Airlines


Already Applied For the 40,000 Offer?

If you already applied and got approved for the 40,000 offer within 1 month or so, I have read about people calling customer service and asking for the additional 10,000 points. There seems to be a Nov 1 cut off (meaning if you applied by Nov 1, they will probably give you the additional 10,000 points).  Make sure you talk to a supervisor and don't hang up with them until you see the points in your account (just log off/on and you should see the points).  I have not done this myself however.


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  1. I already had this card, so I couldn’t use your links to sign up, but I just want to say thanks for the way you present your links. You give us choices about using a referral or not by including all of them and clearly marking them. This is refreshing. I’m following you on Twitter now and will look for your affiliate links for the next round of applications.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I’ve been experimenting with how best to present the links so glad this works for you!

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