Antarctica Trip Contest: Win $25,000 – 30 Night Expedition To Ross Sea, Ross Ice Shelf

Win trip to Ross Sea Antarctica

Antarctica Trip Contest: Win an Amazing $25,000 Trip

Have you ever dreamed of visiting Antarctica? Oceanwide Expeditions is giving away a $25,000+ month long cruise to one lucky winner! Antarctica has been on my wish list ever since I hiked my first glacier in Patagonia many years ago. Its also the last continent to cross off my bucket list so I just entered myself.

Please vote for me – many thanks! You can be be sure that I will share the experience with photos and videos right on my blog. If you are entering, I'll vote for you too.

vote for me sign toast - Antarctica Trip Contest

Vote for me (Photo credit bellscorners)


  • Grand prize: a 30-night cruise ticket to Antarctica worth $25,000+! The 30 day cruise starts in Bluff, New Zealand and ends in Ushuaia, Argentina.
  • Second/runners up prizes: $500 and $250 vouchers

How To Enter

  1. Fill out the form and create a profile.
  2. Get votes: Post your link in the comments.
  3. Vote for me and I'll vote for you.

Contest Rules

  1. Antarctica Trip Contest starts on December 8, 2015 and ends on February 29, 2016.
  2. You must be 18 or older.
  3. Five contestants will be chosen who each have an equal 20% chance to win the 1st prize.
  4. Three (3) entries will be chosen by number of votes + One (1) chosen by Oceanwide Expeditions (the most creative entry) + One (1) entry chosen from all entries with a minimum of 20 votes.
  5. Winner will be chosen from the five (5) final contestants in early to mid-March and notified by e-mail and Facebook.

Everyone with at least 20 votes has a chance to win. Forget about the $1.5 billion Powerball jackpot… your chances are much better for this Antarctica trip contest.


So what does $25,000 get you? An amazing 30 day trip!! and what appears to be very basic accommodations. No luxury Starwood rooms here. The price basically includes everything once you get on the boat. Airfare is not included but food on the boat and excursions are included. The lowest price is for a quadruple porthole…a paltry $25,700, or about $850/night. The accommodations looks hostel style where you get one of 4 bunks in a room. For an additional $7k per person, you could upgrade to a room with just other person. I once shared a ‘berth' (a small room about the size of a 2 person tent) on a catamaran with someone who snored louder than a chainsaw and the only solution was sleeping in the galley/living area or outside. I would take that risk and hope for the best.

Whats the big deal?

Let me show you.

The trip starts in Bluff, New Zealand and finishes at Ushuaia, Argentina. Take a look at the detailed day by day itinerary.

$25000 Antarctica Trip Map Itinerary - Antarctica Trip Contest

Most of the days are at sea with several stops and a few “attempts” to land depending on conditions. Like this stop at Cape Adare:

Penguins Antarctica - Antarctica Trip Contest

Source: Oceanwide Expeditions

  • They attempt a helicopter landing on the Ross Ice Shelf! Fortunately, all excursions are included in the price (helicopter tours too).
Ross Ice Shelf Antarctica - Antarctica Trip Contest

Source: Oceanwide Expeditions

Antarctica Amundsen Sea! - Antarctica Trip Contest

Source: Oceanwide Expeditions

Peter I Island Antarctica - Antarctica Trip Contest

Source: Oceanwide Expeditions

  • Antarctic Peninsula: The first “chance” to step on the continent. Chance? I thought it would be guaranteed but I do understand this is an extreme remote place. Once last chance to enjoy scenery.
Antarctica Peninsula - Antarctica Trip Contest

Source: Oceanwide Expeditions

  • and…back to reality for the lucky winner.

office space

20 Tips To Get More Votes

Want more votes? Here are 20 tips courtesy of the contest sponsors.

  1. Ask friends and family to vote for you
  2. Post on your Facebook wall, asking for votes
  3. Post the vote request on your blog
  4. Add your vote request to your email signature
  5. Post the vote request on Instagram
  6. Use our hashtag: #TripOfALifeTime
  7. Tweet, asking for votes
  8. Send out direct messages to your Twitter following
  9. Add the vote request to your Twitter profile description
  10. Follow celebrities with many followers on Twitter, and ask them to re-tweet your vote request
  11. If you have email subscribers, send them a newsletter, and ask for votes
  12. Promote your vote request on 404 pages of your site
  13. Sign up in every contest forum you can find and ask for (and return) votes
  14. Register for vote request websites and ask for (and return) votes
  15. Post on Q&A websites asking how to get votes, and give a link
  16. Use a popular Youtube video that you have, and add annotations at the end of it, asking for votes and post the video on various pages related to the video topic
  17. Ask for votes in virtual worlds (games)
  18. Create a giveaway of your own, asking to vote in exchange for a chance to win the prize
  19. Create a Facebook Group, with a catchy name, and encourage people who join to invite their friends. Update the group daily, with yours and competitors statistics, to make it more interesting for group members to participate
  20. Use Facebook applications. If you play games where you can either send gifts or communicate with other players, then you can use this to remind them about your contest
  21. Google to find places where other participants are asking for votes
  22. Stick a label to your backpack asking for votes – people walking behind you will see it ;P



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