Amex Platinum $200 Gift Card Reimbursement STILL Alive (Even For Prior Purchases)

Updated on December 14, 2023

$100 $200 Gift Card Reimbursement

$200 Gift Card Reimbursement STILL Alive

1/28/17 Update: AA gift cards reimbursement still working ($100 x 2). More details on how to use your $200 Amex airline credit on various gift cards.

Doctor of Credit first reported that gift card purchases made after (or even slightly before) August 20th were not being reimbursed by Amex. The Doc was suggesting that The Platinum Card® from American Express $200 credit may not work for gift cards any longer.  On October 7th, Travel Codex noted the $200 airline credit reimbursements were again working for gift certificates, however, that those who purchased gift cards during the “dead” month would likely not get reimbursed.

I am happy to report today that Amex is still reimbursing for electronic gift cards previously purchased during the “dead” month. As TravelCodex suggested, do not call if you haven't been reimbursed yet.  If you have been holding off on purchasing your gift cards, now is probably a good time to do it just in case it stops working again.

You can apparently even get Amazon gift card reimbursed via United's gift registry. Follow the instructions carefully – I have not tried this yet.

I purchased a $100 AA electronic gift card on August 26th and patiently waited.

$100 $200 Gift Card Reimbursement


I logged into my account today and was excited to see that Amex has issued me a $100 statement credit. The credit actually came through a few days ago but I wasn't checking over the weekend.

$100 $200 Gift Card Reimbursement

Amex Premier Rewards Gold $100 Fee Credit Works Too!

Despite rumors recommending purchases of GCs to be split into two $50 transactions for the Amex Premier Rewards Gold card, I decided to purchase one $100 gift certificate just to test it out.  And guess what?  I still got reimbursed!  Booyah:

Amex $100 PRG

Amex Cards that Come with Airline Fee Credit Benefit

Here are the two American Express cards that come with an airline fee credit benefit (per calendar year).


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  1. I bought $50 GC on American Airlines using Amex Premier Rewards Gold on 12/17, but I didn’t receive reimbursement. Is Amex no longer reimbursing for electronic gift cards?

  2. I recently did two $100 gift cards on Jan 10th and the charges came through as ”
    AMERICAN AIRLINES ******** – 800-433-7300, TX” instead of my gift card purchase in December ”
    AA MISC SALE/ TAX/ FEE/EX BAG ******* – DALLAS, TX” – is this workaround dead?

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