Amex Application Status + Tips on Reconsideration Phone Line (American Express Credit Cards)

Updated on April 5, 2017

American Express Credit Card Application Status



After you apply for an American Express credit card online, you may not get instantly approved. Don't panic! That doesn't mean you were denied.  You can easily check the status of your application at any time online.



  1. Check online using the American Express Card Application Status website
  2. Speak with a representative: Call 800-567-1083 or 866-314-0237 (M-F 6-8pm MST) and say “application status” when prompted.



The fastest and easiest way to check your status is using the American Express Card Application Status website. Often times, I find that Amex does not instantly approve new credit card apps.  For whatever odd reason, they wait 1 minute before approving, so after each Amex credit card appl I immediately load the American Express Card Application Status website and am always pleasantly surprised that it shows APPROVED!

Enter your social security number and the zip code you entered on your credit card application. Select “CHECK APPLICATION”:

American Express Credit Card Application Status Amex

Here is an example of the results:

American Express Credit Card Application Status - Amex Application Status Results


CALLING AMERICAN EXPRESS – Reconsideration Phone Line / Number

If the American Express application status does not show “Approved”, the next step is to speak with a rep.  The phone numbers provided below have been typically called the Amex Reconsideration Phone Number, but realistically you can call even if your application has not been rejected yet and is merely pending.

If your Amex application status is denied or pending, you can call 800-567-1083 or 866-314-0237 to speak with a live credit analyst.  Credit analysts have the power approve you over the phone – so be nice!  

I have also found the credit analysts to be the most lenient at Amex vs. the other big banks.  Amex might still be hurting from their recent loss of Costco and will go the extra step to acquire new customers (just my theory).


What to Say to the Amex Credit Analysts

Remember – the Amex credit analysts have the power to approve you over the phone, so you want to be as accommodating as possible.  I have found conversations with Amex and Chase credit analysts to be VERY similar, so rather than rehashing what's already been posted, please see the tips on what to say to Chase credit analysts.

The only part that diverges is my recommendation on small business credit cards – Chase has been really strict on approving business credit card applications but American Express is still equally as lenient with business apps as with personal apps.

In the rare event the credit analyst does not budge on approval, politely hang up and call again to get a different credit analyst.  Often times, the decision is a judgment call and you want to catch the right rep at the right mood.  If still no dice after 3 different credit analysts, ask to speak to a supervisor and plead your case.  Again, it is YMMV, but this is where you really need to sell yourself.  If its a few missed payments on your credit report that's holding you back, surely there is a plausible story of why that happened where he/she can sympathize, right?


Max Number of Amex Cards

Keep in mind that the maximum number of American Express credit cards is FOUR (4).  If you already have four (4) active Amex credit cards, you will NOT get approved for a 5th.  This limitation only applies for credit cards (personal and business cards combined) and NOT charge cards.  I learned the hard way about this rule, but don't worry, hope is not lost.

Call up Amex to cancel one of your credit cards.  Then call back the reconsideration phone number and ask the representative to reconsider / reprocess the application.  The application goes from DENIED back into IN PROGRESS stage without an additional hard pull.  If you have reached this point, the underwriting team is the unit that reviews the application, and unfortunately, they are not customer-facing, which means you will just have to hang tight for a couple of weeks.


TheRewardBoss Amex Card Recommendations

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  1. I applied Everyday Preferred and got instant approval but then the next day on Sunday I applied the business Platinum card and it was pending and want me to give them a call. I guess is because of Sunday, so I check online from your link and the result showed ” in progress.”

    So I patiently waited till Monday received an email says : ” We are excited that you’ve decided to apply for the Business Platinum Card®, and we’re reviewing your application now. We promise to let you know when we’re finished, or if we need more information. While we’re reviewing your application, please don’t apply for another Business Platinum Card®. Thank you for your interest in American Express.” After another day my card was approved without even need to call them back!

  2. Hi , I really need your help an advice , I recently applied for the SPG Personal an business together, (along with the blue cash preferred).
    (I had 3 other existing Amex credit cards at time of applying.)
    I was instantly approved for the SPG personal, the business was pending . Few days later I got an email that I was declined “our records indicate that you have the max amount of accounts an types of cards that we allow”.
    (The SPG personal was really my 4’th card)
    I tried to contact them an offer to close , they said that first I need to close an existing , then they WILL have to pull my credit an see if they can approve me , they said that for this particular application there was still no hard pull done, when I said that they pulled it already for the personal which I did together with the business they said that it was done for the personal an not for that particular application .
    Bottom line , I can close 1 existing account , but not guaranteed that they will even approve me for the new one , plus they will make an additional hard pull on my Experian report , what can I do for this ??
    Thanks in advance .

    • That’s correct. I made the same mistake before and had to close one first then call back recon and it went in pending for about a week before they approved me for the new app. Unfortunately if you are trying to dodge a hard pull for the biz app, I can’t opine on that.

  3. Applied for Gold Delta Skymiles Amex Personal and Business today. Personal was instantly approved. Business card went to “In Progress” status. I called the recon line for application status. I told the guy on the phone that I had applied for both at the same time to start a relationship with Amex (first Amex cards for me), and I explained my personal was instantly approved but the Business was still in progress and that I was calling to check if they needed some additional information or verification. He explained to me that it was automatic to stop the second application for fraud prevention. I asked if there was anything I could do to verify it was actually me, and he said “of course, we appreciate you taking the time to call in.” After verifying the details of my application, he not only approved my second application but told me that he was overnighting my new card so that I could use it right away. I suggest calling in right after doing the second app in the same day because it has hopefully saved me a second hard pull.

  4. I applied recently for Amex and my application was not approved. Credit scores of 688/667/690 and needless to say I am not pleased. Followed up with customers service for reconsideration and the review remained the same. Second and last time that I will apply for an Amex.

    • Same thing happened to me and so done with them as well. Went to Chase and was approved instantly without any drama and conflama. I say check with another issuer.

  5. I got denied today called reconsideration dept and she sent me for manual review and they will contact me. What should I do

  6. So I applied for the blue cash everyday card and got a notification that they’re reviewing it and not to apply for another blue card. Will it do harm (aside from another HP) to apply for a regular every day card?

    I also checked the status and its not showing my application there. Only an application from back in April of this year which I was declined for.

    • I also applied for the everyday card but when I check the status it says that my application cannot be located even though I got the email saying that it is under review.

  7. I applied for everyday blue card and the in progress status since 12/13/16. Should I assumed that the application is denied?

  8. I applied for a Amex Plenti Card and needed to send in address verification info. I have done that and there is no update on my status. I did however receive an acknowledgement email that they received my paperwork requested. This Wednesday will be 48-72 hrs since I received the acknowledgement of the received documents. How much longer must I wait? Should I just count out an approval on this card? I began this application process on December 18, 2016…today is the 3rd of Jan 2017. (Happy New Year). What should I do?

    • Wouldn’t count out an approval. In fact, I would bank on the opposite since this is request is fairly easy to satisfy. Also need to bake in the holidays so hang tight.

  9. I applied for a card and was mailed a letter a week later stating I was denied. I called the reconsideration number and the guy just said he would submit it to a team that manually reviews the application. About a week later I received another letter stating I was denied. Scores are TU 644, Eq 681, Exp 675. Any tips or is this worth trying any further?

      • I believe it said said too many inquiries within 12 months, and a delinquent account. The delinquency was not valid and has been removed from Equifax and Transunion but hasn’t been from Experian yet. I tried to tell them that but they said they only run Experian.

        • It’s the delinquency that’s driving the rejection. Contact Exp. to get your report corrected and then call the recon line again. If it has surpassed the time frame of reconsideration then just apply for the card again.

  10. Hello, I applied for an American Express Green Charge card on 2/23/2017 and was denied since they were unable to obtain a FICO score from Experian. I am new to credit and my longest history is 5 mos. Technically if I waited for another week my odds would have been different. A week later I had checked into Experian to find out my Fico score and it was already listed as 742. Upon reading some comments and tips you had given, I had called their recon line and the credit analyst did not give me any more information other than saying that she will forward it for manual review. My Transunion is 658 and EQ 662 no negatives on all three. But with some hard hitting inquiries 8 on Transunion, 4 on EQ and 3 on EX. Should I even hope?

    • While the score itself plays a big role, what factor drove the score increase? It may be beneficial to be prepped to speak to this factor when you are otp w the rep. While the rep might not bring it up at first, he/she sees what’s driving down your score and it’s best to talk about the elephant than to avoid it.

  11. Awesome info. I checked the amex reconsideration website after about 15 minutes of applying. I was able to see the approved status. Thanks!

  12. I just tried to recon a cli and was told by Amex that credit analysts don’t speak to customers and never have. What’s the deal there? He told me they just send it to recon but I can’t actually speak to anyone about it.

  13. CK 668 TU / 597 EQ and 654 EX FICO
    Good approval odds on Credit Karma for the Blue Everyday card. Went to prequalify on Amex website, received offer for Blue Cash Everyday and AMEX everyday. Applied with rep over the phone and was denied. Received email instantaneously denied for: high revolving balance (error due to a closed acct which should be showing as 0 balance; currently disputing with Experian), high loan balance (student loans), derogatory items (paid tax lien), recent late payments (10 months ago) . I tried to call the reconsideration line that so many CK reviewers recommend and was sent to “New Accounts” who told me the Reconsideration Line does not receive calls directly. Also they would review my application, possibly do another hard inquiry, and send me another response via email. I believe the reps were in India and were annoyed that I was even asking for the Reconsideration Line which means tons of people must be calling to speak to them. I didn’t do the reconsideration because I didn’t want to waste another inquiry just to be told no again.
    Super annoyed that I wasted an inquiry but lesson learned to not trust even a “Good” approval or a prequalification from the Issuer’s site. I had Very Good odds for the Gold Delta Sky Miles card but didn’t want to pay the $95 fee. Just wanted to get rewards and have a higher credit limit to boost my score.

  14. I applied for the amex everyday card they said to send in proof of address do you think there going to deny me?

  15. Hi. I’ve been overseas for 10+ years and found my credit bureau files non-existent. After a lengthy app process (4506-T, copies of bank statements, paycheck, etc…Amex approved me for the legacy Green Charge. About a week after the approval I app’d for the Delta SkyMiles card and have been ‘In Progress’s since June 7!!! I called and they wanted another 4506-T which is odd as I haven’t paid taxes in 10+ years and they already know this from the previous app. Have you ever seen an application take this long?!? Any suggestions? I’m about to write the Executive Office.

  16. I applied for an AMEX Business Gold Card. It has been “in progress” for 10 days. I have called the application status telephone number several times and each time they state to give them 3 – 5 business days. It has been well over that now. Any suggestions?

  17. I just called the reconsideration numbers given above. Both times I was told that the app was under review in the, whatever term the agent used, reconsideration department. I asked if there was someone I could talk to and was told no. I was pre-qualified per the Amex pre-qualification tool for the Green Charge card but then applied for the everyday card.

    Was I being stone walled? Or is the submitting to the reconsideration department a legitimate process for possible approval. I don’t take it as a good sign that neither agent would talk to me about the reconsideration. It appears that other people have used these numbers to talk to an agent and get approved or declined directly.

    Anyone with experience in this situation?


  18. I applied and waited.. Nothing so I used the status link and it came back as address verification. I sent in what they asked for and wasnt good enough. Now they want a signed letter from my bank stating my address on a letterhead. Called my bank and they thought I was speaking a foreign language and had to talk to several people to finally get one in the next 3 weeks mailed to Kicker…I already have a Delta gold with address. I was willing to pay 550 for platinum now with such bs I will do Chase. Exp 705 no neg.

  19. Well here I go for the first time I apply for amex green card and it’s still in progress can’t speak with anyone that talks English lol. I call to check status of app and the lady said it’s still in review now my Experian fico score is 776 no neg no inquiries and my credit history is 2 years 6 months wat could happen I wonder will they approve me because they had to send it back to reconsideration cause they told me they couldn’t pull a score up the first time so I wonder will they pull a hp now on my Experian to see my fico score my fico score Experian is 776 tu 756 eq 755 any suggestions for my first amex card

    • I’d give them a chance to pull your info. If you have a credit score and you gave them the correct info, they will find it.

  20. Hi, I recently applied for the SPG card from AMEX. I applied through a phone call because I am not a US citizen therefore do not possess a SSN, though I have lived here for around 3 years already. My first credit card was from Bank of America and I have been using it for just about the same amount of time ive been here in the states, and the Fico score, which I can only view through my BOA app or website, indicate i have a credit score of 778. However, they never gave me a reply after I applied even though it’s been over 7 business days. I also called them once to clear things out, stating I have a stable income, I am currently a student here, but my income comes from overseas, and are transcated directly into my bank account. They said that because SSN holders have all the data linked to them in the database, they can sometimes come up with decisions instantly, however for people who apply using their passport, they need to look more into my credit history etc.

    My question is, should I be concerned that they might not find the credit history linked to my BOA because it is actually a score provided by a bank and not through a SSN number? RN i am actually expecting them to phone me and tell me that they can’t find credit score or something. Its a FICO score, but I can only view it through my BOA account, neither can I apply for a credit score since as far as I know, every application requires me to fill out a SSN, which i don’t have.

  21. Got approved this morning, this is the 17th business day after i applied, but i must say, I am happy that wait was over, despite all the time when I anxiously opened my email to realize there was still no answer

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