75,000 point offer – American Express business gold card offer – (now only 50k)



UPDATE:  That was quick, it seems that only 50,000 is available now.  Amex has offered a similar 75k credit card deal for one day or so several times.  My favorite was the 100,000 promotion about 2 years ago.  I hope they run that one again later this year.  50k is just ok, I would not sign up for that and just wait until something better comes along.


Sign up for the American Express business gold card and get 75,000 Amex points. This is a fantastic deal!

Click here to sign up.

The offer seems to depend on the browser you use. People are having luck with iphone, chrome, and Firefox. Some say Internet explorer only gets you a 50,000 offer.

The first time I pulled it up on my iPhone I got a 50,000 offer. After refreshing I got the 75,000 offer.

What's the catch?

    Requirement of $5,000 spend in 3 months to get the points
    the annual fee of $175 is waived the first year
    Limited time only. They often do this for a day or two. The terms say the offer is valid until August 12th 2013 but it also says if you return to the webpage the same offer may not be available.

But you don't have a business?
Your business doesn't need to be officially registered. Just choose a name and sign up. Do you sell stuff on eBay? “Joes online junk sales” (don't use that one, I'm registering the website now, just kidding).

But how am I going to spend $5000 in 3 months?
You probably already spend a good part of this so just make sure to put as much as possible on the Amex. Whatever spend you still have not reached, you can overpay some bills (cell phone, cable etc). If you still need more there are other ways but I will save that for another time.

What can you do with 75,000 points?
My favorite thing is to transfer them to airlines. Those points could get you 3 domestic flights or one international and 1 domestic. You could use any star alliance airline (united for example) or transfer then to British airways, get a 35% bonus then use them on American Airlines for short haul flights or South America!

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