$5 off $25 Raise.com Gift Cards – One Week Only

Updated on June 22, 2015

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For the next week only, new customers get $5 off $25 Raise.com gift cards with code NEWRAISE25. This is much better than their usual offer ($5 off $75). Plus if you want to sell some gift cards that have been collecting dust, use code SELLAF10 to get 5% off the fees.  

Raise $5 off $25 Gift Cards


I generally don't like having or buying gift cards because they are easily misplaced, but I have saved a good chunk on some purchases by carefully doing so. For example, I wanted to buy a wood bed frame from TJ Maxx that was around $450 (retail price ~ $1,200).  I then ordered several TJ Maxx gift cards from Raise.com and saved an extra 18%.  That's $81 off bringing the total down to $369 for a $1k+ bed frame.  The mattress had been sitting on the wood floor while we looked for a bed frame – most of which were expensive and cheaply made.

If you are worried the item will not be available by the time the physical cards arrive (~1 week), use your credit card to buy the item first.  When you get the cards delivered, go to the store and customer service will refund the credit card and charge the gift card instead (you don't need to bring the item back to the store).


I suggest sticking with gift cards that you know you will use up for sure… like groceries, food, or some large planned furniture purchases.  Stay away from tiny discounts unless you shop at that store often and spend a lot (like Whole Foods for example). Some restaurants offer pretty significant discounts up to 25%.

  • TJ Maxx/Marshalls/Homegoods 18%+
  • Target 7.3%
  • Whole Foods 3.3% (every little bit helps at a store like this)
  • Sears 8% (buy a few gift cards and get 8% off appliances or that big screen tv)
  • CVS 12%
  • Hyatt 9%
  • Home Depot / Lowes 8%+
  • Five Guys 25%
  • Applebees 22%+
  • Amazon 1% (I don't think 1% discount is worth the hassle of dealing with gift cards, you'll just waste time)


Raise.com simplifies the process of selling gift cards making it much easier than eBay or Craigslist. If you have a gift card on your desk collecting dust for the past year, you might want to think about selling it. Use the coupon code SELLAF10 to save 5% on the fees.


Do you have to spend a certain amount to meet the bonus requirements on that credit card you signed up for recently?  If yes, this may be a good way to manufacture spend to get your bonus.  If you have a good idea of stores you will likely be shopping at in the future (say, up to 6 months), you can buy the gift cards now, save some money with the discount, and meet the spend requirements all at once.  I do not suggest buying even 1 gift card if you are unsure about when/where you will use the cards or you are disorganized/likely to misplace them.  Have a plan first or I guarantee you will just be losing money.



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  1. The code SELLAF10 is not working. Raise.com is unresponsive to this issue. Has anyone confirmed that this code actually works?

    • Arie – Are you a new raise.com customer? If you are let me know and I will double check as it was working previously. I’m currently traveling so will be a bit slow to respond.

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