40,000 Miles Sign-Up Bonus US Airways Mastercard – No spend requirement

Updated on August 3, 2015

US Air Credit Card miles of possibilities


Links to Apply

  • Link 1: Direct Link (40,000 mile public offer)
  • Link 2: My affiliate link [expired] (40,000 mile public offer) this requires a few seconds extra to click through to the “Airline and Frequent Flyer Offers”, thank you in advance if you use this!!)
  • Link 3: Direct Link  (50,000 mile targeted offer – expires 10/31/14)


US Airways just came out with a new offer:  40,000 bonus miles after you make your first purchase and pay the $89 annual fee.  Barclays (the issuer of this card) is stepping up its game.  

This is an improvement from what they have been offering. Why? There is no spend requirement.  I don't like annual fees but this makes it easy for anyone to participate without worrying about any minimum spend requirements.  Is $89 worth 40,000 miles?  Absolutely! You can't buy points for $0.002225.  

Anniversary Bonus 10k miles:  Pointmetotheplane reported that he got 10,000 bonus miles on his anniversary date right before he cancelled.  This anniversary bonus does not appear to come with the current 40k offer.

Top off your existing miles:  US Airways has been running their ‘share miles and get 100% bonus' every few months (see my previous post).  If you did that, this is a good opportunity to add some additional miles to get that business class flight you've been eyeing.

Many bloggers have pointed out that this card is likely going away due to the merger but no one really knows when.

Some other perks include:

  1. a 5k mile discount when booking an award on a US Airways flight
  2. a checked bag free (for you + up to 4 companions)
  3. a companion certificate for up to 2 guests on a US Air flight (each one is $99+taxes+fees)
  4. priority boarding (though sometimes it seems everyone has this, making it not so valuable in my book)


Application link to the 40k bonus offer [expired]

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