$400 Bonus When You Open a Citibank CitiGold Account

Updated on December 14, 2023


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Citibank is offering a $400 Cash Bonus if you:


  • Open a new checking account in the Citigold Account Package by 10/31/14
  • Within 60 days after opening, deposit a minimum of $50,000 in the new-to-Citibank funds in to the new checking account and complete a qualifying bill payment for two (2) consecutive months.

Earlier this year Citi offered $500 with a very similar promotion.  That was the highest I have ever seen. I signed up for that offer and wrote about it here. This $400 offer may still be interesting for some people.  The major downside would be all the hassle I had to deal with to get the bonus credited to my account (read my updates added to this post).  If you can shift some money around that not earning much, this may be a good deal for you.  


For comparison, if you rather avoid the hassle and not jump through hoops, you could deposit $50k in:


Offer Expiration: 10/31/13

Link to the offer: this is not available online yet, so you will have to stop by a branch

Citigold $400 Bonus


Citigold $400 Bonus (fine print)



  • $400 bonus
  • No direct deposit is required  (many banks require this to get good bonuses (*cough* Chase *cough*)



  • $50,000 cash gets tied up in an account for 6-7 months approx.  Count the time this way:
    • Month 1: deposit $50k and make 1st online payment,
    • Month 2: make 2nd online bill payment (which must be made in 2 consecutive months) [now the requirements are met]
    • Month 3: the 90 days waiting period starts
    • Month 4: 60 days to go
    • Month 5: 30 days more
    • Month 6: The earliest you will see your $400 bonus
    • Month 7: Its more likely you receive the $400 bonus in this month
  • While I understand that you can remove the deposit after the requirements are met, if you do so, the monthly maintenance fee ($30) will be charged.  If you close the account too soon, you probably won't get the bonus
  • The potential hassle if they don't register you for the promotion correctly.
  • If you received a bonus for a new account in the last 2 years, you are not eligible



In the fine print, they say that only if you have $600+ in awards and misc income awards in the calendar year, only then will they “may” issue you a 1099-MISC.

• Important Tax Information: Offer is limited to customers who are either citizens or resident aliens of the United States (U.S.) with a valid U.S. taxpayer identification number. The cash bonus award for this offer may be reported to the IRS as miscellaneous income on Form 1099-MISC in the year received, if the value of the award plus other taxable miscellaneous income awards received from Citibank, N.A., is in the aggregate $600 or greater for a calendar year, as required by applicable law. The customer is responsible for any taxes.



Offers for new checking customers only. If you have received a bonus reward for opening a new Citibank consumer checking account within the past two years you will not be eligible to receive a bonus associated with this offer. Customer can accept this offer by visiting a branch and talking to a Citibank Representative, by calling CitiPhone Banking® or by clicking “Apply Now” (above) on this page. Must be at least 18 years old to qualify for the promotional offer. Offers may be modified or withdrawn at any time without notice, expire 02/28/14, are not transferable and cannot be combined with any other offer. Limit of one of each offer per customer and account. New checking account in the Citigold Account Package must be open and in good standing at the time the cash bonus is credited to your new checking account.


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