2nd Chance to book Hilton at old rates with Hilton American Express AXON Rewards – Extended until June 15!

Updated on December 14, 2023

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Hilton devalued their HHonors points effective March 28th 2013 as discussed in my post (click here and here).

If you have the Hilton HHonors Card from American Express, you can still book under the old rates until June 15th 2013. This means a category 7 for 4 nights for only 145,000.  The old regular rate was 50,000 points per night.  4 nights would cost 200k points but you get them for 145k, almost 28% savings.


Until June 15, 2013, you can book for these rates

Hotel Category Four Night Reward booked BEFORE June 15, 2013 Four Night Reward booked AFTER June 15, 2013
5 125,000 130,000
6 125,000 160,000
7 145,000 190,000

AFTER June 15,2013, there will be some new categories and the new prices for these are significantly more.  Now you will have to save up 300,000 points for 1 night at a category 10 which is crazy expensive!

Hotel Category Four Night Reward booked BEFORE June 15, 2013
8 220,000
9 260,000
10 300,000

Here's the phone number if you want to make a reward booking 800-920-5649 and requestthe Four Night Reward Stay Benefit (also known as the AXON reward).

Many of the hotels have changed from a category 7 to 9.  Yes, your points have dropped SIGNIFICANTLY in value.  Take advantage of this extension and use your points to book some of these hotels that have jumped to category 9 but at the old category 7 rate.  Use my previous posts (click here and here) for ideas on which are the best bang for your point.


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