$20 (NYC) or $5 Off Delivery of Alcohol via Drizly.com

Updated on November 2, 2018

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Get $20 $15 (in NYC) or $5 Off Drizly.com

Now you can order your booze from your phone and get it delivered in under an hour. Just in time for the weekend. “Get the door, its the liquor store.” This is perfect if you need to send a gift, stock up for a party, or just too damn lazy to get to the liquor store (and dinner is already on the way).



  1. Download the app via Drizly.com or your app mobile app stores: iPhone or Android.
  2. Add your favorite beer, wine, liquor, party supplies to your cart.
  3. When you checkout:
    • $5 off: use promo code DRIZLYFIVE*
    • $5 off first order + free delivery (some cities): use promo code TRY828 (expired)
    • $15 off $30 (NYC ONLY): use promo code NYCHEERS (“TWENTY” has expired)
    • $10 off (Los Angeles ONLY): use promo code TECHINMOTION

I tested it out and here's a sample order — the $20 works in NYC. Many thanks if you use my link!Drizly $20 Off Promo Code TWENTY


Drizly App


Drizly is available in the following cities and they plan to expand to 30 markets by the end of 2016. Coverage maps are posted on Drizly.com.


I noticed that the prices are a bit higher than if I had gone to a discount liquor store myself, not including the $20 discount. They say they don't markup the prices so it must be a matter of different prices in different stores. Of course, in NYC, I might need to get a Lyft as I don't have a car. While I love to walk everywhere, I don't exactly want to carry a couple cases of beer around Manhattan!

If you want rock bottom prices, then Drizly might not be for you. It just depends on how much you value your time (I hate shopping trips and rather spend my time earning more miles and points).


Not long ago, I wanted to send some alcohol as a gift and learned how difficult it is get alcohol delivered. And it wasn't just any alcohol — it had to be a local craft brew that was sold only in Colorado. I called several liquor stores near where the person lived in Colorado, all except one of the stores were willing to deliver. That store would deliver as long as I was there to sign or if the person was paying in cash. The gift was a surprise so I wasn't exactly going to paypal him the money. Seriously? Yea, seems there are some laws causing this. There had to be a better way.

I discovered wedeliverthings.com which by chance was located very close to the recipient and familiar with the specific craft beer I needed to order. After a few back and forth phone calls I placed the order (the website is a work in progress) and they sent someone to buy the beer and deliver it. Not ideal but they got the job done.

I kept looking and found Drizly.com, which promises delivery in under an hour. Their phone app and website work very well and cover a lot more cities. If you live in or near a city and don't have a car like me, buying alcohol (as well as groceries) can be pretty inconvenient.



After you sign up, you can refer a friend and get $5 for each friend who signs up.




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