$10 Off First Jet.com Order + 1 Year Free Membership

Updated on November 29, 2019

Jet.com $10 Off First Order Promo Code

$10 Off First Jet.com Order

UPDATE: The 1 year free membership promo has EXPIRED, but I have added the latest $10-$15 off and free membership codes here.

Here are 2 good reasons to try Jet.com, a startup looking to compete with Amazon and Costco.


I do most of my online shopping on Amazon.com but I'm giving Jet a shot. Some retailers are not happy with Jet…creating bad PR for the startup.

Here are some thoughts so far:

  • Jet.com has some kinks to work out, as to be expected. For example, Jet's shipping and packaging need to be improved. My first order came in many shipments because they use many different suppliers, each shipping products separately (which can get annoying). Sending a $12 bottle of olive oil via UPS certainly won't help create profits. One shipment in particular arrived looking like the clearance section of your grocery store – dented and broken boxes. Jet.com customer service did promptly respond and send replacements. They are very responsive!
  • Jet's prices have generally been equal or better because Jet gives you discounts when you buy more while the Amazon price doesn't change. I have also found plenty of cases where Amazon is equal or cheaper.
  • The descriptions are MUCH better on Amazon. I didn't realize this oatmeal was sweetened because the ingredients were not listed (yes, I prefer my oatmeal without added sugar).
  • Reviews: I found myself checking the reviews on Amazon before placing an order on Jet.

Part of my first order:
Jet.com first order broken boxes


Have you tried Jet.com yet?



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  1. You’re website was an absolute lifesaver. Thank you. I just placed my first order with Jet and so far I must say I’m mostly happy about how much money I saved. I’m sure Amazon could compete, but it so much work and SOOOOO many options. I have Prime and I love taking advantage of the expedited shipping but at the same time I find myself avoiding Amazon. I like how simplistic Jet was and how easy it was for me to see the discounts. I’ve also looked into Boxed (you should check that one out) because I really, really need to start seriously buying wholesale online. Boxed is pretty awesome. The prices are on par with Jet & Amazon (just if I decided to buy multiple items) the only downfall is they’re lagging in the product options. They didn’t even have scouring pads.. who doesn’t sell those? Plus I did a side by side comparison and I was able to spend 1/3 (yes ONE THIRD) of the cost on Jet and get a WHOLE LOT MORE. So that was interesting. Any way this is turning out to be a comment that’s way too long. Again I really appreciate your blog. Cheers – KC

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