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Updated on September 28, 2015

Lyft for Work - Free Rides to Work


Want free rides to work?  Better sign up fast!  Lyft is promoting their “Lyft for Work” program by giving away 10 free “Lyft Line” (shared) rides per employee for one business week.  That's enough to get you to and from work for 5 days (up to $15 per ride).  It can be worth up to $150 per person and up to $15,000 or more per company!

First 10 companies in San Francisco and Los Angeles to reach 100 sign ups gets the free rides!  Good luck!



  • It's only available in San Francisco and Los Angeles
  • The first 10 companies to get 100 employees to verify their work email
  • Companies with at least 100 employees



Each person gets a maximum of 10 rides up to $15 each.  That's $150 per person maximum.  If a company signs up the minimum 100 people x $150, we're up to $15,000 per company x 10 companies = $150,000.  That figure could be higher if more than 100 people sign up.  Also, not everyone will use the full $15 per ride .  It seems that Lyft is budgeting a minimum of $150,000 for this promotion (and they have hedged their bet as they can limit eligibility of a really large company).



Lyft's new program lets companies pay work their employees work-related transportation.  Who doesn't love that idea?


This offer has expired.  For current Lyft coupon promo coupon codes, visit borntocoupon.com


  1. New Users: click here to sign up with for $35 Lyft Credit ($5 off each of your first 7 rides) or click here if you prefer $10 credit that can be used for your first ride
  2. Existing Users: Open your Lyft app and open the menu by pressing the top left corner (the 3 dots next to the lyft logo)
  3. Click “View Profile” then Click “Work”
  4. Enter your work email address and click “Submit”
  5. Send this to your co-workers and get them to sign up.

Lyft For Work - Unlock Free Rides


After you sign up, you will see how many co-workers signed up and how many more are needed.  As you can see here, this company has 7 people who joined with 93 more to go.

Lyft For Work - Free Rides 100 Users Needed



Here are just some of the company links you can use to sign up.  Feel free to post additional links for your company in the comments.

Company Link
Adobe https://www.lyft.com/c/adobecom
Clifbar https://www.lyft.com/c/clifbarcom
Dreamworks https://www.lyft.com/c/dreamworkscom
eBay https://www.lyft.com/c/ebaycom
Electronic Arts https://www.lyft.com/c/eacom
EY https://www.lyft.com/c/eycom
Facebook https://www.lyft.com/c/facebookcom
Google https://www.lyft.com/c/googlecom
IBM https://www.lyft.com/c/ibmcom
KPMG https://www.lyft.com/c/kpmgcom
Merrill Lynch https://www.lyft.com/c/mlcom
Merrill Lynch https://www.lyft.com/c/mlcom
Microsoft https://www.lyft.com/c/microsoftcom
Mozilla https://www.lyft.com/c/mozillacom
Netflix https://www.lyft.com/c/netflixcom
Oracle https://www.lyft.com/c/oraclecom
Pixar https://www.lyft.com/c/pixarcom
PWC https://www.lyft.com/c/pwccom
Safeway https://www.lyft.com/c/safewaycom
Salesforce https://www.lyft.com/c/salesforcecom
Sega https://www.lyft.com/c/segacom
Sony https://www.lyft.com/c/sonycom
Twitter https://www.lyft.com/c/twittercom
Visa https://www.lyft.com/c/visacom
Walmart https://www.lyft.com/c/walmartcom
Wells Fargo https://www.lyft.com/c/wellsfargocom
Yelp https://www.lyft.com/c/yelpcom




Lyft, Inc. (“Lyft”) is sponsoring a Lyft for Work promotion (the “Promotion”) for free Lyft Line rides (“Promotion Rides”) to and from your office. As part of the Promotion, Lyft users (“Users”) may enter their company work email address into their Lyft account. For the first ten (10) qualifying companies that have at least one hundred (100) employees enter their work email address, Lyft will notify such Company and sponsor free Lyft Line “Promotion Rides” for up to one business week (the “Promotion Period”), subject to the terms below.

  • In order to qualify as a Promotion Ride, the ride must be during the Promotion Period and the pick-up or drop-off location of the ride must be the User’s company address (as selected by Company and approved by Lyft). Each Company will be able to select up to five office locations for participation in the Promotion. All other Lyft Line rides taken by Users that do not qualify as Promotion Rides will be charged at prevailing rates.
  • Each User is eligible for up to 10 Promotion Rides during the Promotion Period.
  • Promotion Rides are only valid for Lyft Line rides.
  • The particular dates of the Promotion Period will be communicated to Company and its Users.
  • Only Users in Lyft’s San Francisco and Los Angeles regions may participate in the Promotion.
  • Lyft reserves the right to limit eligibility based on company size.
  • Lyft will not cover driver tips as part of the Promotion. If you elect to tip a driver for a ride Lyft will bill your payment method by such amount.
  • Lyft reserves the right to reject any Company or User from participating in the Promotion if it suspects that the Promotion entry was illegitimate or fraudulent.
  • The Promotion is subject to any restrictions and conditions that Lyft may communicate from time to time.
  • Lyft reserves the right to change the Promotion terms at its sole discretion.
  • All Users must have valid Lyft accounts.
  • All Users must agree to Lyft’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.



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