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Updated on October 18, 2015

TopCashBack Refer a Friend Bonus

TopCashBack.com is offering $10 bonus for new signups, $5 BeFrugal.com

New members can get $10 by signing up for TopCashBack.com.  Existing members can refer friends and also earn $10. Whenever I shop online, I always do a quick check to see if there is a cash back offer available.  I usually find the highest cash back at TopCashBack.com and BeFrugal.com, which I've listed on my Cheat Sheet. Since there is some extra hassle involved, I usually stick with these two and sometimes use ebates.com.

TopCashBack advertises that they return 100% of their commissions as cash back to you!  Check out the huge bonuses for signing up for a cell phone account with Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint (up to $100!!)

LINKS TO SIGN UP (Note: the sign up bonuses come and go then come back so please check the link before you sign up)

The above are my referral links and I will get a payment if you sign up and meet certain requirements (thank you if you use these!).  You are welcome to sign up and leave your own link in the comments below.TopCashBack Logo
BeFrugal.com Cash Back

ebates cash back logo
Here are some of my favorite stores and current cash back from TopCashBack (I have already earned cash back for most of these):

  • Starwood Hotels  3% (on the rare occasion I'm not using points)
  • Intercontinental Hotels  8% (this has been as high as 21%)
  • Amazon up to 6% (certain categories including luggage!)
  • Verizon Wireless / AT&T / T-Mobile / Sprint – $90/$100/$100/$75 for a new account!
  • Avis  4%
  • eBay  1.5%
  • Groupon  up to 10%
  • Staples  4%
  • Ritz Camera  4%


You get cash back on top of many other promotions.  For example, if you shop on Staples.com, you can get 4% cashback from TopCashBack.com, 5% extra Ultimate Rewards Points from a Chase Ink credit card, 5% in Staples Rewards points, and use whatever coupons you have.  It adds up! I often wonder how Staples makes any money.

It could not be easier.   Before you buy something online, just pull up one of these sites and enter the store name.  Click the cash back link and they will keep track of your purchase.  Some merchants pay faster than others but I don't monitor it that closely unless I'm expecting a big amount.

The extra $10 bonus from TopCashBack.com will be added to your account after you earn at least $10 in cash back.

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Note: If you click some links on this site, TheRewardBoss may receive a commission at no added cost to you. By doing so, you help support my project and allow me to continue providing you with more rewarding information. I research, travel, and write my opinions regardless of whether there is a commission available. You don’t have to use my links, but I appreciate when you do. Thank you for your support!

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    • It looks like they are giving $10 if you refer a friend…but I don’t see a bonus when you sign up right now.
      BeFrugal is still giving $5 for new users.

    • befrugal.com sucks, they try to scam you! i had over a thousand dollar purchase but they refused to pay me (i got receipts and everything)

      • That’s no good. I had cash back that didn’t go through but when I emailed my invoice they investigated and gave me the cash back I was owed.

    • The TopCashBack bonus seems to come and go. Doesn’t look like they are doing it right now but it should say when you check the link.

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