$1 for 1,300 Bonus AA Miles – Barron’s Subscription (Multiple Purchases Allowed?) President’s Day Sale

Updated on December 14, 2023

Barrons Deal

2/11/16 update: this Barron's deal has now expired there is still a $1 for a WSJ 3 month subscription offer available. It says $1 per week on the AA portal, but $1 for 3 months when you click through to the signup page.  Good luck to those who had placed multiple orders.


The AA Shopping Portal is currently offering a President's Day promo: $1 for a Barron's 12 week subscription which comes with a bonus 1,300 American Airline miles (per subscription).  The terms of the offer are simple: Place an order now, and you will earn 1300 miles, which is displayed after you click the offer.

The Barron's offer says you are not eligible if you have subscribed in the last 180 days, but what if you buy gift memberships for other people, could you place several orders and get 1,300 miles each time? This offer ends 2/28/16, so we won't likely know for sure if this will work multiple times (it takes time for the points to arrive).


  1. Go to the Barron's offer page on the AA eShopping Portal (or the WSJ Journal offer)
  2. Click the ‘shop now' button next to the Barron's/WSJ “1300 Miles” offer
  3. Sign up for the subscription.

NOTE: If you have subscribed to Barron's in the last 180 days, you are NOT eligible for the $1 introductory pricing. Not sure how they handle digital subscriptions with email addresses, however.

Barrons Offer


Notice how it says in the terms in the screen shot above:

Not eligible on purchases made with coupon or discount codes not found on this site.

The offer IS found on this site:

Barrons Offer 2


As mentioned above, you are NOT eligible for the $1 introductory pricing if you have subscribed to Barron's in the last 180 days. The AA site doesn't say there are any limits to the 1,300 bonus.  So in theory, you can get 1,300 AA miles for each email address you have available to you.

I subscribed 3x so far with different email addresses and credit cards just in case and decided to post this awesome deal before I continue with more subscriptions. If you don't have that many different credit cards and you have a Citibank card, you can use Citi Virtual Account Numbers to make temporary card numbers with short expiration dates in case you forget to cancel.

If the AA Shopping portal eventually limits the deal to 1 per account, it's only several extra dollars wasted for the potential to earn thousands of extra AA miles.  So who wants to be the next pudding guy?  For reference, the last time I posted a similar deal with Singapore Air bonus miles, it worked!


If you don't plan to keep the subscription, don't forget to cancel it after you get your bonus miles or before the 12 weeks is up or else:

Your credit card will be charged $1.00 total for the first 1 quarter of your Wall Street Journal subscription. Thereafter, service will automatically renew and your credit card will be charged $28.99 per 1 Month. You will be notified in advance via email of any price increases. All fees and charges are nonrefundable. For questions about your subscription or to cancel, please call us as 1-800-JOURNAL(568-7625).

HT to Ken K. who found it on Reddit

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  1. […] came across this on a blog. $1 for 1,300 Bonus AA Miles – Barron's Subscription (Multiple Purchases Allowed?) President's Day Sa… It looks awesome but check my comments at the bottom of the page (under the name Josh) for the […]


      • For some reason now when I click on that link (in your comment) I get the AAdvantage shopping search page and “no results found”. However, if I search for Barron’s I get the page you’ve referenced up-thread. Yes, I do see “Presidents’ Day Sale – For a limited time, subscribe to Barron’s for just $1 for 12 weeks” but when I click on that I get, first, the transfer page (your first graphic above under the ‘How to sign up’ heading) and then, second, the Barron’s store page where the heading is “Barron’s only $1 a week for 26 weeks”. Nothing about what’s advertised on the AA page, no $1 for 13 weeks.

          • It’s a location issue. I’m in Australia. I downloaded a VPN thingy and was able to access the offer as stated. But the next problem is the Barron’s website asked for a billing country. Its menu as pretty much every country – except Australia.

  1. As of the last few minutes this promotion is gone from the AA and UA shopping portals. The WSJ one is still there however.

  2. the AA portal now states: Please note these terms & conditions: Not eligible on purchases made with coupon or discount codes that are not found on this site. Not eligible on gift cards, gift certificates or any other similar cash equivalents. Only one per loyalty program member account.

    Only one per loyalty program member account.

  3. I “only” did 40.. i see my $1 charges finally hit on my citi card, how and when will i know when the AA miles will post, if ever…40 x 1,300 = 52k AA miles for $40.00 not bad if it works!

  4. Can anyone confirm if they have gotten the points yet? And what the entry looks like in your AA account? Nothing in mine.

  5. no points yet on my account or wife’s account, only 1 purchase per account. Calling to cancel subscription and barrons is saying that account must renew at the $12.49 rate for miles to post?

    • My calendar popped up a reminder for me today. I haven’t attempted to cancel yet but I have screen shots from my transaction (as does Reward Boss above). No where does it say you must renew to get the bonus points. Grrr. I’m going to post on flyertalk to see what others are saying.

      • Agreed. I think its just a stall tactic. They probably realize more people signed up than they expected. No miles on my end yet.

  6. The 1300 points posted today and it says something like BSN Online purchase. Cancelled the subscription without issue.

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