US Airways Refer a Friend 10,000 Miles

Get 10,000 Bonus Miles When You Refer a Friend To The US Airways 50,000 Bonus Offer

Check your emails for this offer!  You can earn up to 50,000 Bonus Miles – 10,000 per friend who signs up for a US Airways card using your referral, up to 5 referrals!  Feel free to refer each other in the comments below.  I don’t have this card but I have referrals available through readers.

Want a Referral?

  • Post in the comments below and I will send you one (your email won’t be publicly visible)
  • Want to refer someone? Leave your email address in the comments so that others can contact you

Before you sign up:  There is a better offer with a 10,000 anniversary bonus (after you pay the annual fee on your anniversary).  No one gets any referral bonus miles or any commissions on that offer.  That is the best offer available.  Its meant for US Airways Elite members but many people report getting it even though they are not elite.

Deadline:  January 18, 2015 – Your friend must apply and be approved by this date

NOTE 1:  You do not need any referrals to get this offer.  Its available anyone even without a referral.  Here are the links.

NOTE 2: This appears to be a targeted offer.  The fine print says that you must get the email to get the 10,000 bonus on referrals.  Reusing someone else’s link will probably not get you any referrals.

Also, MommyPoints posted about a similar refer-a-friend offer but for 5,000 points.

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delta logo


american express membership rewards

American Express previously announced that they will limit transfers to Delta starting January 1.  But, they changed their mind.

I think Delta awards tickets are too expensive so I probably would not transfer my points but sometimes they have the best routing to where I want to go.

If you were planning to transfer Amex points before the deadline, no need to rush now.

Got Amex Points to burn?  Here’s a much better transfer promotion if you have a lot of Amex points:  40% Transfer Bonus to British Airways Avios

Here is the message from American Express reversing course:

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American Express British Airways Transfer Bonus

Get 40% Transfer Bonus miles when you transfer from Amex Points To British Airways Miles!

Via Miles4More, American Express is now offering a 40% Bonus when you transfer Membership Rewards points to British Airways Avios!


I’ve been waiting for this for a long time!  In April 2013, they had a 35% bonus, and a 50% bonus in the spring of 2012.  I’ve been hoping for the 50% or at least the 40% to come back.  I will probably be transferring most of my Amex points to get the most out of this promotion.

Promotion Period:  The last day is 1/31/2015

Why do I love British Airways Avios?

Avios are unique.  For short haul flights, award tickets are soooo cheap. For example, NYC to Montreal is only 4,500 Avios each way (a round trip can cost $300-600).  I flew all over Peru for only 4,500 Avios each way instead of paying about $150.  NYC to Florida is 7,500 each way or 15,000 round trip instead of ~$300.  Compare that to the usual 25k miles for a round trip domestic flight and you can see the value.  It can be difficult to get more than 2 cents per mile when redeeming coach award tickets, but here you can easily get 2-3 cents+ out of each Avios point!

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Lyft Line just launched in New York City – now you can save by sharing a ride with other people.

After being launched in San Francisco, I was looking forward to this finally making its way to New York City.  It’s simple – the driver will pick you up and other passengers and you get a discounted price.  You don’t have to book anything in advance.  Lyft says you can save up to 60% vs a regular Lyft ride…and you never go more than a few minutes out of your way.  AND…drumroll… you will get a price quote before you request your ride (unlike with a regular Lyft ride)


FREE RIDE CREDIT (up to $10)
  • New Customers get a Free Ride Up to $10 – Use this link or enter the code GOFREE on the payment screen


Lyft Line New York City


In the app, select the new LINE option (see picture).  Enter you pickup and destination addresses.

How to request Lyft Line



Lyft says Line costs up to 60% less.  I checked and here’s what I see:  On Saturday night, to go from around 40th st to the Meatpacking area, Lyft Line would cost only $8.00 for 2 people!  Taking the subway for 2 people would cost $2.50 x 2 = $5, so I think $8 is a great price.  A regular Lyft would probably cost double that… but you can’t be sure because you don’t get a price quote ahead of time.


Lyft Line - Fare Estimate



Wait what?  The driver leaves 60 seconds after he arrives, so you better be ready.  Don’t wait in the bar or restaurant and expect to have time to get outside, look for and call the driver because you don’t see the car.  If they leave without you, there is a $5 no-show fee.



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Get The Redesigned Citi AA Executive Card Now

Posted: 11th December 2014 by TheRewardBoss in News
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Citi Executive AAdvantage New Look

Get your redesigned Citi AAdvantage Executive World Elite Mastercard now:

I almost threw out the flyer Citi sent via snail mail (guessing most people did throw it out along with all the other junk mail).  If you rip apart this poorly designed mailer (it doesn’t open easy in the right places…and felt like I was destroying it), you discover the hidden link to get your card now:  You will get yours before your current card expires…or you can order your card now.

Order your redesigned card CLICK HERE:

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Book With Starwood SPG App & Get Up To 1500 Points

Posted: 10th December 2014 by TheRewardBoss in Hotel Deals
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SPG 1500 points - book with App


Earn up to 1500 Points From Starwood (500 per stay)

Just use the SPG app to book your stay and pay with your American Express Card. 


If you are paying out of pocket (not using points), then you can get a few extra bonus points with this promotion.  It’s good for up to 3 nights x 500 = 1500 points max.  I don’t have any paid stays planned so I won’t get any benefit from this.

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Here are the Top 5 Credit Cards for Travel Rewards!

Every month when I publish my Top 5 Credit Card Deals for Travel Rewards, I scour the web for the best offers. These are the offers my I’m signing up for myself or suggesting to friends and family.  

2014 year started out with some incredible credit card offers up to 100k miles.  The last few months have not had many great offers — but December has brought along a few great offers worth considering!

Anyone can fly free like I did to the Maldives, Vietnam, Singapore – it cost me 120k miles per person in Business Class. No need to spend $10,000 per person for these flights when you have miles!

If none of these cards are what you’re looking for, check out the credit card offer directory and tools here.

Top 5 Credit Cards for Travel Rewards - Billboard




1) US Airways Credit Card

Links to Apply

  • Direct Link (50,000 Bonus + 10,000 Anniversary Miles Offer for “Preferred” Elite Members*) <— Best Offer
  • Direct Link (50,000 Bonus Offer, No Anniversary Miles)
  • My affiliate link: (50,000 Bonus Offer, No Anniversary Miles) Many thanks if you use this link!  It takes a few seconds extra to click through my “Airline and Frequent Flyer Credit Card Offers” link – thank you in advance if you use this!!  My affiliate link expired…please use the direct links above

*The offer is meant for US Airways Preferred Elite members but seems to be working for non-elite members too.

Annual Fee: $89 (not waived)

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US Airways Logo

US Airways 50000+10000 Bonus Miles Offer


Even better US Airways Credit Card Bonus: 50,000 + 10,000 Anniversary Bonus Miles

Yesterday, I posted details about the 50,000 bonus offer.  I just found out there is a slightly better offer available: 50,000 + 10,000 Anniversary Bonus (thanks James!).  Its meant for US Airways Preferred (elite) members, but some people who were not Preferred/Elite members, report getting approved anyway.  This offer may not be listed by other sites because there is no commission paid for referrals (it’s not in the affiliate programs).  I say it is only “slightly” better because you get the Anniversary bonus points on your card anniversary which is when they charge you the annual fee!

This is a fantastic offer because its SOOO easy to get 50,000 miles!  These miles will eventually become American Airline miles.


Links to Apply

  • Direct Link (50,000 Bonus + 10,000 Anniversary Miles Offer for “Preferred” Members) <— Best Offer
  • Direct Link (50,000 Bonus Offer, No Anniversary Miles)
  • My affiliate link: (50,000 Bonus Offer, No Anniversary Miles) Many thanks if you use this link!  It takes a few seconds extra to click through my “Airline and Frequent Flyer Credit Card Offers” link – thank you in advance if you use this!!  They removed this offer from the affiliate program.


Annual Fee: $89 (not waived)

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