Citi Prestige Thank You 50000


My 2nd billing statement just ended for the Citi Prestige credit card and I was pleasantly surprised to learn of 2 unadvertised perks:

  • My annual fee was reduced from $450 to $350 because I have a CitiGold checking account – this is despite having applied for the 50k bonus after $3,000 spend
  • The $180 fee I paid for the AA Platinum challenge counted towards the $250 annual air travel credit

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150K Amex Platinum Offer 150,000 (American Express Business Platinum)

Image Source: An offer from last year

UPDATE 5/15/15/@ 8:30am: The 150k Platinum is dead based on more reports from readers, but I think it’s still worth calling 877-628-6736 and asking what offers you are eligible for. Check out the Top 5 Credit Card Offers for May.

UPDATE 5/15/15 @ 12:25am: I’m hearing reports of very long hold times up to an hour+ and some people saying the Platinum offer is dead.  Be sure to ask what other offers you might be eligible for (maybe you will be offered the 100k Gold offer!?)

Wow! TravelCodex posted details today on the 150,000 sign up bonus for the Amex Platinum that is available using a special code.  That’s a HUGE bonus and many bloggers are writing about it today (see related links below). When I called to confirm the details, the 150k would have been available if I didn’t have the Platinum card already, the rep offered to check what other offers I was eligible for.  I provided one of my account numbers and found out about a 100,000 sign up bonus for the Business Gold Rewards Card which is also HUGE (and likely targeted)!  I immediately said YES to the Gold Card offer.

The rep said the Gold offer may have been tied to the offer code but he’s not certain. He said I had the Gold card 3 years ago (i also got a 100k sign up bonus then), but that wasn’t a problem.  Keep in mind that the “Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have or have had this product within the last 12 months.” applies for both the Gold and Platinum cards.  The first card he offered me was the SPG Amex with a 25k bonus (the same offer you can find online).  Thank you American Express for another great offer!


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The warm weather is finally here and so are many great new credit card offers!  It’s time.  Those of you who have been waiting (or keep telling yourselves “I really have to get into the miles and points game”), now is the time. I will definitely be adding to my stockpile of points and miles.

Don’t see what you are looking for?  Check out the credit card offer directory.

Top 5 Credit Cards for Travel Rewards - Billboard


The Top 5 Credit Cards For Travel Rewards

1) Citi Prestige – $1350 AA Credit (50,000 Thank You Points) after $3k spend in 3 months

Links to Apply

  • Direct Link
  • Affiliate Link – I receive a commission if you use this link.  Click “Points Rewards Credit Cards”, click “show more results” at the bottom until you see Citi Prestige – it’s an extra step, many thanks if you use this link!

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American Express Business Gold 75,000 Sign Up Bonus

75,000 Amex Business Gold & 100k Business Platinum Sign Up Bonuses!

UPDATE: Many people have not been able to get this to work so, even though the offer loads for everyone, it appears to be targeted and won’t likely allow you to apply.  I contacted American Express several more times in the past few days and they were not able to give me the 75,000 sign up bonus.  

75,000 Sign Up Bonus

American Express is offering a 75,000 point sign up bonus for the Business Gold Rewards Card after $5,000 spend in 3 months!  It was offered a few months ago but it required luck and lots of clicking.  The annual Fee is $175 (waived the first year).  The offer expires June 30, 2015.

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Chase Ink Plus Refer a Friend 5,000 Bonus

Refer-a-Friend bonus is now live!

Two days ago, Chase increased the sign up bonus for the Chase Ink Plus to 60k points but the 5,000 Refer-a-Friend bonus wasn’t live yet until this morning! This promotion was meant to be part of National Small Business Week which is officially May 4-8, 2015.  You have until May 15 to refer or be referred – though anyone can apply for the 60K offer without a referral.



  • LINK TO REFER A FRIEND: If you would like 1 of my 5 referrals, pls leave comments below or send me an email. Many many thanks in advance if you use my referral — especially because you don’t need a referral to get the 60k offer.  Feel free to post your referral offers in the comments too.
  • Valid May 4 to May 15
  • Earn 5,000 Ultimate Rewards points for each friend who signs up, up to 10 friends (maximum refer-a-friend bonus is 50,000 points). The last time they gave a very generous 10,000 points for up to 5 friends but the maximum is still the same 50,000 points.


60K POINT BONUS – Chase Ink Plus

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Chase Ink Plus 60,000 + 5,000 Refer-a-Friend

The 60,000 Chase Ink Plus Bonus is BACK + Refer-a-Friend Get 5,000 Points!

Chase just brought back the Ink Plus 60,000 sign up bonus after $5,000 spend in 3 months as reported by FrequentMiler. BUT that’s not allthere is also a Refer-a-friend bonus of 5,000 per new signup (read the last sentence of the offer).  This is a nice bump for the National Small Business Week (May 4 – 8), though the credit card offer expires 5/25/15.



  • Refer-a-friend to Chase Ink Plus starting from May 4 to May 15 (I called to confirm this with Chase)
  • Earn 5,000 Ultimate Rewards points for each friend who signs up, up to 10 friends (maximum refer-a-friend bonus is 50,000 points)
  • LINK TO REFER A FRIEND (not live yet) but it will be similar to the Chase Freedom refer a friend offer



  • Application
  • REFER A FRIEND – Now live!  I or a friend of yours can refer you using this link.  I would be grateful if you allow me to refer you but you can just apply right now without me or anyone else. Please email me if you would like a referral or leave your first name in the comments.
  • Expires 5/25/15


Chase Ink Plus 60,000 Bonus Small Business Week

Chase Ink Plus 60,000 Bonus Offer for Small Business Week


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Miles & More 50k 3 Free First Class Tickets


It’s back!  The Miles & More 50k offer is back and giving you another chance to get 3 free first class domestic tickets (one way).  This was super popular last year when wrote about it April 2014: Its BACK! 3 Free First Class 1-Way Domestic Tickets (worth up to $4,200) with the Premier Miles & More World Mastercard.  According to MillionMileSecrets, you can get the sign-up bonus more than once but they suggest you wait at least 6 months between applications.



  • 50,000 Mile Bonus Offer (20,000 award miles after first purchase and an additional 30,000 award miles after $5,000 in purchase within the first 90 days). Annual Fee $79 (not waived)

*This is a direct link – I do not receive any commission if you use this link.

United BusinessFirst Lay Flat Seat

United BusinessFirst Lay Flat Seat

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United 55,000 Bonus + $50 Credit

United 55,000 Bonus + $50 Credit Offer


United 55,000 bonus miles + $50 credit after $3,000 spend

There’s an even better United credit card bonus offer available.

United just released a limited time offer: Get 55,000 Bonus Miles + $50 Credit after $2,000 $3,000 spend.  This is similar what is typically offered so this isn’t something to shout about from the rooftops.  The offer wasn’t usually available to everyone – you had to login and see if the offer appeared for you. The offer expires 6/2/15. This is a very good offer and I know many people who were not eligible for this offer previously who will likely want to jump on this offer.  I, however, always have a similar offer available when I login to so I’m probably going to wait for a higher bonus (which may never appear).

There is also a very similar offer (a bit worse) that bloggers/affiliates get paid a commission: the difference is no $50 credit. If you plan to sign up, be mindful of which offer you are signing up for.


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