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Review: Aer Lingus NEW Business Class (Lie Flat) – JFK / DUB (Dublin)

Aer Lingus Business Class Ticket-1

TRIP REPORT INDEX SUMMARY Why are you sitting separately? You’re Married? Yep. These seats are why. Have you ever wondered why a married couple would choose to sit separate in the business class? Maybe they have enough of each other, but we had a different reason. I didn’t really expect it but there were many questions and…

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Flight Review: EVA Air JFK-Taipei Royal Laurel Class Using Miles


 EVA Air JFK-Taipei – Royal Laurel Class TRIP REPORT INDEX   SUMMARY I booked two tickets on EVA Air from New York JFK to Hanoi, Vietnam (with a stop in Taipei) which was the first part of my 3-week honeymoon to Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, and finally Maldives.  This review is for the EVA Air JFK-Taipei…

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Review: EVA Air Lounge at New York JFK – not impressive

EVA Air Lounge: Not impressive, but sufficient   TRIP REPORT INDEX   SUMMARY We arrived at JFK ready to get our 3 week Honeymoon to Asia started.  I was excited about our first flight on EVA Air’s Royal Laurel Class (business class) to Vietnam which we booked using miles.  EVA shares the lounge with Air France…

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