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aboutwho am i?

I love to travel and love to do it for free. Yes, free. Traveling means the world to me. And that is what this site is about.

How it all started…

I spent 3 years working as a consultant and lived in hotels the entire time.  I gave up my apartment and sold my car because I didn't use or need either. When I was not living in a hotel for work, I was usually staying in a hotel for pleasure.  That's a lot of time in hotel rooms — I spent some of this time learning how to take advantage of the point/mile system to travel the world for free. There were so many promotions at the time that every quarter, I would earn over 12 free nights (which had to be used within 90 days).  This, of course, meant that I had to constantly find some ways to use the free nights.  I would not have been able to travel as much as I have otherwise. So far my obsession has brought me to 5 6 continents (only Australia and Antarctica remains),  27+ countries, about 100 cities.  The next two goals are is to cross off the remaining two continents and then work towards visiting most countries.

what is my site about?

I have earned and used millions of miles and points to travel the world for next to nothing. During my trips, I may stay in some of the best and most expensive hotels and fly first, business, or coach class.  Since I love remote places and the outdoors, sometimes points cannot be used so I usually find a low cost place to stay (as low as $5 for a hostel in the middle of nowhere on the way to Chang Mai Thailand).

I write about travel/miles/points related deals that I'm usually taking advantage of and recommending for my friends and family.  I check everything I post myself to make sure it works and really is a good deal (read: lots of miles and points as easily possible) or something that will help you earn and redeem miles.  When a deal requires some effort, I try to figure out the fastest and cheapest way and show readers the shortcuts I find.  Even though I don't have many credit card affiliate links (meaning those where I get paid if you apply using my link), I post the best offers I can find.  If my site gets more popular, maybe the big banks will consider me (but I will still post only the best I can find, commission or not).

You can spend hours on end cutting through all the junk on the internet for great deals — I know I do.  Follow along to learn how to accumulate and redeem points without wasting them and feel free to ask questions.

Starwood hotels are my favorite!  I've been Platinum 6 years and working towards Platinum for Life.  Most of my trips, therefore, focus on staying at as many Starwood hotels as possible (it helps me maintain my platinum status, I usually get upgraded to a suite, get lots of free stuff, and I dont spend much).

my status history:
Starwood: Platinum (6 years)
Hyatt: Formerly Diamond (3 years), Platinum currently since most of my business goes to Starwood
IHG Club: Platinum (5 years)
Hilton disHHonors: formerly Diamond VIP (3 years) (not a big fan after the huge point devaluation)
Marriott: Formerly Gold Elite (2 years)
Avis: First
Hertz: Five Star


my goals / bucket list:

My time on this earth is limited. My goal is to live life to the fullest, as best I can, right now. I spent a lot of my life focusing on studying and working my butt off – almost nothing else. Back then money and time were the big limiting factors. As I get older, there may be things I may not be able to physically do. I would like to do these things now, use miles and points to pay my way there, and to share these experiences with you. Here is my bucket list so far:

  1. Visit every continent.  6 down, only Australia ONE LEFT: Antarctica!
  2. Visit every country in South America
  3. Visit every country in Central America
  4. Visit most countries – 27 down, lots to go
  5. Hike Mount Kilimanjaro (to the summit)
  6. Visit Australia and New Zealand
  7. Lifetime Starwood Gold & Platinum status
  8. Join the Mile High Club
  9. to be continued


favorite movies

I'm not just ocd about travel and deals. When it comes to movies, I love documentaries… about food… are some of my favorite. Ignorance is bliss. Watching these might make you change your ways

  • Food Inc (2009)
  • Food Matters (2008)
  • American Meat (2013) – organic sustainable farming system IS possible
  • King Corn (2007) – “you are what you eat”
  • Fed Up (2014) – American's obesity & sugar
  • Cowspiracy (2014) – “A documentary that will rock and inspire the environmental movement.”




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